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An important show, intelligently presented.

Growing concern is a must listen for anyone interested in making a difference. Sean’s passion is contagious, his logic is undeniable, and his voice is compelling.

NPR-Level Awesome

Growing Concern is a storytelling tour de force. Marshy sets the scene like a journo, interviews incredible guests with surprising perspectives on climate change. That he composes all the music bespoke for each episode shows just how much Marshy loves and respects your attention. A worthy listen for anyone curious about the state of the world and wanting to find practical ways to make a difference.

Promising new pod with huge potential

An inspiring resource for people who want to live with their heart on their sleeve. Down to earth idealism, compassionate critique and critical thinking, and practical and pragmatic steps forward. Exactly what the environmental movement needs more of. Great pod voice too.

Great new podcast!

Really enjoying this podcast so far. It’s nice to hear about the action taking place and ways we can contribute to make our planet better.

Great podcast

Great podcast for those interested in taking action on climate change