Nov. 10, 2019

Transition for Resilience with Paul Shelton

Transition for Resilience with Paul Shelton

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Meet Paul Shelton.

Paul is the director of Growing Spaces, Member of the founding committee of Transition Australia and past president of Transition Darebin for four years. Winner of Darebin Sustainability Awards local hero in 2016 and Winner of Australia’s most edible street, which I presume we can also thank his amazing wife for also!

Paul is someone who has thought deeply about the question, what life do we want to live? And together with his family made meaningful changes, and even wrote a blog about it called A year of Treading Lightly. In this episode he speaks frankly about the challenges this brings, and experiences of raising his kids to understand climate change and build their emotional resilience.

At a time when we are facing the reality of feared futures, this episode offers complimentary breathing space. A perspective that synthesises the painful reality with possibilities of growth and meaning.

Paul organised a national convergence this year for Transition towns, attracting 120 locals and 50 people from around Australia. Their focus was on generating powerful, visible and interdependent actions.

Transition Towns are focused on balancing motivating visions of what’s possible along-side here and now proactive local approaches. The movement embodies the spirit of empowerment, a powerful blend of self-determination and community connections that together inspires and generates communal resilience.

So wherever you are, thank you for listening, for caring deeply with us.

Enjoy and soak up the joyful energy of this episode.

Special Guest: Paul Shelton.

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