Sept. 26, 2021

1|8 Steve Ray | Conflict resolution

The tendency to shy away from conflict is a missed opportunity, says Groupwork Centre facilitator Steve Ray. By pausing to explore what lies behind the tension, we can remove blockages that hold us back. Facilitate This! is p...

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Sept. 12, 2021

1|7 Senator Janet Rice | Collaborative decision making

Collaborative decision-making can be complex, but the rewards are many for groups that make the effort. Greens Senator Janet Rice says the process of building consensus also builds trust and leads to decisions that stick. Fac...

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Aug. 30, 2021

1|6 Nancy Nu̴ñez | Diversity, rank and power

If we want to equalise power in groups, we must work with the dynamics at play. Groupwork Centre facilitator Nancy Nuñez says it’s worth giving it a go. A conversation about rank and power can lead to significant breakthrough...

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Aug. 16, 2021

1|5 Kat Lavers | The best teachers are good facilitators

Sustainability educator and facilitator Kat Lavers runs workshops across a range of topics from renewable energy to permaculture design and backyard gardening. She believes good teaching is also good facilitation.

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Aug. 1, 2021

1|4 Hala Abdelnour | Group skills in therapeutic settings

Therapy groups present unique challenges for facilitators. Hala Abdelnour reflects on managing the tricky dynamics in the groups she runs for male perpetrators of family violence. Facilitate This! is produced by the Groupwork...

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July 18, 2021

1|3 Ben Neil | Removing the barriers to inclusion

How do we ensure the right people are part of a consultation or a big decision, and their views are captured? Ben Neil, from community engagement specialists Capire, explains the steps we need to take. Facilitate This! is pro...

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July 6, 2021

1|2 Henry Fowkes | Why we should get groups moving

Our bodies are often overlooked in group work. Facilitator and open-floor dance instructor Henry Fowkes puts the case for shaking things up. Facilitate This! is produced by the Groupwork Centre on the land of the Wurundjeri p...

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June 20, 2021

1|1 Meg Montague | Tips and tales from the frontline

Meg Montague draws on a lifetime of experience as a social researcher and facilitator working with all kinds of groups to throw light on the role of a facilitator… and how to get through the tricky challenges we all face from...

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May 29, 2021

Facilitate This! Trailer

Facilitating groups can be a minefield and a joy. In Facilitate This! members of the Groupwork Centre community share stories and experiences exploring their craft. This new fortnightly podcast, launching on June 21, offers s...

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