April 18, 2021

From Fire to Flow: Permaculture and Climate Change

From Fire to Flow: Permaculture and Climate Change

Permaculture is based around three ethics: peoplecare, earthcare and fair share for all (also interpreted as future care). In this first episode of Climate Shift, I hope to show how these three ethics make permaculture a candidate for shaping our future in a global warming age. You'll hear excerpts from Bill Mollison, considered the father of permaculture, as well as an interview I did with permaculturalist, author and designer Meg McGowan.

The episode is in three parts:

  1. What is permaculture
  2. Permaculture and climate change
  3. Permaculture, Drawdown and system versatility

In Section One I discuss permaculture, its ethics and how it all began.

In Section Two I show, through Meg, permaculture's relevance to climate change. How the three ethics, earthcare, peoplecare and fair share for all (or as Meg describes it "futurecare") all link, hand in glove, to good environmental management and reducing carbon emissions.

In Section Three I talk about the remarkable book Drawdown, edited by author, activist Paul Hawken and show how the three ethics are applicable to the categories outlined by the Drawdown team of experts.

Paul Hawken was recorded live at the Seattle Town Hall

Bill Mollison clip from the documentary In Danger of Falling Food

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