Sept. 11, 2021

Anika Molesworth: Climate courage, reversing emissions and social tipping points

Anika Molesworth: Climate courage, reversing emissions and social tipping points

Freelance writer and podcaster Rich Bowden interviews Dr Anika Molesworth, author, farmer, scientist, storyteller and renowned leader in spreading climate awareness.

Links mentioned in the episode

Our Sunburnt Country — Anika Molesworth (2021)

Farmers for Climate Action

The New Climate War — Michael E. Mann

Beyond Climate Grief — Jonica Newby

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Anika Molesworth

Bernadette Ryan — Central West Music and Video

Jon Moore — World Organic News

A special interview, we covered many topics covered in Anika's new book that are relevant to climate, food wastage, climate courage and making a difference. Here are just some of those topics.

  • The IPCC report and the book
  • Harnessing climate courage
  • Anika’s deep connection to the land on her family farm in the far west of NSW
  • The impact a changing climate is having on her farm
  • How she seeks to educate, inform and motivate people to act on the climate issue
  • How Australian farmers need to be innovative in a changing climate
  • Farmers are first to notice climate change
  • The growing farmers’ voice about action on climate change
  • Reducing farm emissions
  • Reducing food wastage
  • The need for sensible conversations with political leaders
  • It’s completely unacceptable to leave problems of climate to future generations
  • Lack of political representation for farmers
  • Shift in baseline over generations
  • Contagion theory — learning from others in the climate movement
  • Anika’s optimism — we can get out of this mess but it’s up to us

Like the book, the interview with Anika leaves one with a sense of hope and a definite but doable call to action on the climate emergency. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!