Sept. 15, 2021

Rethinking the way we farm in Mildura

Rethinking the way we farm in Mildura

When fresh water ecologist and slow food advocate, Deborah Bogenhuber witnessed Mildura’s agricultural land whipped into the relentless dust storms of black summer - she wanted to leave. But instead, she decided to stay do something about it.

if we want to continue, not just farming but living here - we have to change the way that we farm, we do not have a choice.”

Deborah Bogenhuber | Executive Officer of Food Next Door

In this soundwork hear how Deb and her community started responding to the problem of food sovereignty and then found themselves dealing with the issue of water scarcity - and ultimately how a story about being forced to leave your homeland can turn into one of finding community and a place to grow and belong .

Deborah Bogenhuber, Bill McClumpha, Joselyne Majambere, Jen Douglass

Image: ML magazine Darren Seiler

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