Sept. 26, 2021

Leading by example in Maryborough

Leading by example in Maryborough

Troy Butler is a gardener and someone with his eye on the long game of systemic change. He loves working with young people and wants to give them the kind of opportunities to lead and learn that his own mentors and mates gave him. 

"This is a leadership group - it’s much bigger than picking up rubbish - it about thinking, ‘how can we fix that problem?’”

Troy Butler, Sustainability and Grounds Maryborough Education Centre.

In this soundwork Troy takes us to school at the Maryborough Education Centre - and through his experience of establishing and running a student Sustainability Leadership Group. He also shares his ambitions taking his student voices out into the local community and beyond.

Troy Butler, David Sutton, Ella Crofts, Jacob Olver, Cody Robertson, Evelyn Axford, Ahren Ashbrook , Thomas Camponelli, Makayla Stork, Reuben VanLand, Zalrie Bowler, Ali Whittle


Produced by ADAPT Loddon Mallee
Presenter/Producer, Kyla Brettle
Music, Rob Law
Images, Carmen Bunting
Cover art by Madison Conners

Executive Producers Dona Cayetana and Geoff Caine