Oct. 18, 2020

Smashing idols and addressing the climate crisis

Smashing idols and addressing the climate crisis

Germaine Greer, writing in The Female Eunuch half a century ago, argued the idolatrous behaviour of men robbed women of their chance to make an equal contribution to the world and those same, or similar, idols exist today contributing to the worsening of the climate crisis.

The idols she was concerned about then are relevant today in relation to the climate crisis and are discussed in Exploring Degrowth, a book for which Anitra Nelson was the co-author and who will be a guest on a later episode of 'Climate Conversations'.

Those same idols are considered through a pschologist's eye by Sally Gillespie in her 2019 book "Climate Crisis and Consciousness: Reimaging our world and ourselves".

Sally also made some observations about the climate crisis in an article published on the "Pearls and Irritations" website. Sally will also be a guest soon on 'Climate Conversations'.