Feb. 24, 2021

Reflections on a vanishing future - Danielle Celemajer

Reflections on a vanishing future - Danielle Celemajer

Danielle Celemajer from the Sydney Environment Institute has written a rather personal book about the climate catastrophe, the life of herself and her partner, and that of her animals, on her rainforest property in New South Wales.

Her book - "Summertime: reflections on a vanishing future" - gives us a glimpse of the climate crisis through a whole new prism and helps us better understand Australia's incomprehensible "Black Summer", the bushfires that devastated much of the country's east coast.

Critical to the book is Celemajer's grasp and understanding of social and environmental justice, not just for humans, but for all those other species with whom share our home.

I urge you to enjoy the sounds of "Music for a Warming World".

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