Aug. 31, 2021

Quick news: Climate news floods in from around the world and here in Australia

Quick news: Climate news floods in from around the world and here in Australia

Ebikes are being touted as a solution to our transport woes in a Climate Conscious story - "Could e-Bikes Solve Our Transportation Problems?"

Other stories mentioned today are:

The Melbourne Age - "Australia’s emissions fell 5 per cent during first year of coronavirus pandemic";

And there's a related report from the Federal Government - "National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quarterly Update: March 2021";

A further story from The Melbourne Age warns about sea level rises - "Even 1.5C warming will still leave world’s coasts exposed to extremes";

A story from The Guardian by Katharine Murphy alerts us to the potential of renewables - "Renewables could meet 100% demand in Australia at certain times of day by 2025, report says";

Another story from The Guardian, this time an essay, discusses the fires in Greece - "Greece’s deadly wildfires were sparked by 30 years of political failure";

And on The Conversation it's - "1,600 years ago, climate change hit the Australian Alps. We studied ancient lake mud to learn what happened";

Scott Hamilton and Stuart Kells also write on The Conversation - "Robber barons and high-speed traders dominate Australia’s water market";

And on Climate Conscious George Dillard gives his view on how GM engineered capitalism and the climate crisis in the story - "How GM Enabled Modern Capitalism — and Environmental Crisis";

The New York Times writes about the intensity of America's wildfires - "Evacuations Ordered Near Lake Tahoe as the Caldor Fire Intensifies";

Yale Climate Connections tell readers - "Cities can play a key role in the transition to electric vehicles";

A guest essay in The New York Times tells readers - "The Point Is That People in the South Are Suffering";

Wind farms of America's Long Island and job opportunities, according to this Yale Climate Connections story - "Wind farms off Long Island, New York, to create new jobs";

Giles Parkinson from RenewEconomy has some good news with - "Sun Cable: World’s biggest solar and battery project is about to get a lot bigger".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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