Aug. 28, 2021

Quick news: A world tour looking at the climate crisis

Quick news: A world tour looking at the climate crisis

The climate crisis is being felt all around the world and today's "Quick news" takes you on that world tour.

First, we have briefing note 16 from the ARC Centre:  "What is left in the global carbon budget?;

Then from The Conversation: "What Greenland’s record-breaking rain means for the planet";

Now, from The Guardian: "What will our eco-friendly homes of the future look like?";

More from The Conversation: "How students can use storytelling to bring the dangers of climate change to life";

And from the BBC: "Madagascar on the brink of climate change-induced famine";

Inside Climate News tell us: "Europe Seeks Solutions as it Grapples With Catastrophic Wildfires";

From The Washington Post: "Many measures of Earth’s health are at worst levels on record, NOAA finds";

Ian Jack writes for The Guardian and says: "There are two sides to Glasgow. Cop26 will show only one of them";

Climate Action discusses: "American Perceptions on Electric Mobility and Climate Change";

Climate Homes News takes us deep into Afghanistan: "As the Taliban seizes control of Afghanistan, coal is a key source of revenue";

And we are still with Climate Home News and still in Afghanistan: "Afghanistan at risk of hunger amid drought and Taliban takeover";

Finally, The Guardian tells us about a new "environmental cannon" from publisher Penguin Classics: "Penguin Classics launches ‘new canon’ of environmental literature".

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