Sept. 9, 2021

Quick climate news links: A net-zero warning from Friends of the Earth

Quick climate news links: A net-zero warning from Friends  of the Earth

Here are the links to today's stories:

From The Guardian: "UK criticised for ‘dropping Paris climate goals in trade deal with Australia’";

Again from The Guardian: "Keith Pitt moves ahead with plans to open up Beetaloo Basin to fracking despite legal threat";

More from The Guardian: "Former Liberal MP Julia Banks will join Climate 200 group to support independents";

Three stories from The Melbourne Age:

"Santos sees big future in burying carbon underground";

"Renewable energy firm backs return to woodchip exports from Newcastle";

From The New York Times: "Calling 'Code Red’ on Climate, Biden Pushes for Infrastructure Plan";

From National Geographic: "Climate Change Is Making Your Allergies Even Worse";

The New Daily: "Australia must leave 95 per cent of coal in ground to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, study warns";

Two stories from The Conversation:

"Want to act on climate change but not sure how? Tweaking these 3 parts of your life will make the biggest difference";

"Yes, it is entirely possible for Australia to phase out thermal coal within a decade";

From Climate Conscious we hear: "Climate Solutions from Ministry for the Future";

From Michael West Media it's: "Wollemi Mine? Experts label Barilaro’s plan for new coal “corrupt”, unviable";

Here's the link to the report from Climate Outreach: "Britain Talks COP26: New insights on what the UK public want from the UN climate summit ";

From Yale Climate Connections: "Anxious about the climate future? Seen a climate-aware therapist lately?";

Take The Leaders Pledge for Nature: "United to Reverse Biodiversity Loss by 2030 for Sustainable Development";

Now a couple of stories from RenewEconomy:

"Wood to hydrogen: Valid green alternative or an environmental disaster?";

"World’s first “fully recyclable” wind turbine blades roll off production line";

From Energy: "New VW Concept for Smart, Energy Efficient Urban Driving";

The Guardian reports: "20 meat and dairy firms emit more greenhouse gas than Germany, Britain or France";

SBS tells us: "Survivors of the NSW Black Summer bushfires reflect on their loss as inquiry continues";

From Medium were read: "Our World Is Run By Sociopathic Gaslighters, and It’s Destroying Humanity";

A New York Times story from 2007 reports: "World Scientists Near Consensus on Warming";

A guest essay in The New York Times says: "What Cutting-Edge Science Can Tell Us About Extreme Weather";

Friends of the Earth International warns readers: "The Big Con: How Big Polluters are advancing a “net-zero” climate agenda to delay, deceive, and deny";

Narwhal reports: "Is Canada betting big on small nuclear reactors? Here’s what you need to know";

The Vancouver Ecosocialists wonders what comes next: "After the Heat Dome Killings, What Is to Be Done?".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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