Oct. 20, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Young climate activist; open letter to Federal Government; extreme tranqility; China pivots away from coal

Quick Climate Links: Young climate activist; open letter to Federal Government; extreme tranqility; China pivots away from coal

American teenage climate activist, Alexandria Villasenor (pictured), is presently in Glasgow awaiting the start of COP-26 at the end of the month and talked about youth and the climate crisis with Hamish MacDonald on Radio National just today - you can hear that discussion at "Young climate activists take centre stage at global conference on climate crisis".

Also, you can listen to the "Please Explain" podcast'

Other links for today are:

"Scouts can now earn patches for learning about solar energy";

"Extreme tranquility: a record-warm, weirdly calm autumn from Northern Plains to Northeast";

" World's First Student-Led Global Event on Mental Health & Climate Change";

"Climate change is a national security issue, but not in the way Scott Morrison imagines";

"Lack of support for emissions reduction target will ‘punish farmers’, NFF tells Nationals";

"Should we feel hopeless about climate change?";

"The Future Currency of Earth Isn’t Going to Be Digital";

"Climate Scientists Created a SWAT Team for Weather Disasters";

"Australian environment minister has ‘almost no control’ over global emissions, court told";

"Stunningly cheap solar to power China’s pivot away from coal":

"How one US senator could sink Biden’s climate agenda and COP26";

"Problems abound, but we could yet emerge as winners";

"PM’s climate shift is overdue but welcome. Now he needs to do more";

"The green wars: Nickel stoush between BHP and Andrew Forrest heats up";

"Regenerative farmers see huge opportunity in net-zero target";

"Regional Australians want to be a part of a net-zero emissions future";

"On a Pacific Island, Russia Tests Its Battle Plan for Climate Change";

"Cycling contributes $6.3 billion a year to the Australian economy";

"Beef Industry Tries to Erase Its Emissions With Fuzzy Methane Math";

"Getting from here to net zero";

"Australia ranks last out of 54 nations on its strategy to cope with climate change. The Glasgow summit is a chance to protect us all";

"How the new human right to a healthy environment could accelerate New Zealand’s action on climate change";

"Children deserve answers to their questions about climate change. Here’s how universities can help";

"‘Cowardly’: Coalition net-zero negotiations slammed as ‘climate delay’";

"How I switched from a career in coal to working in renewables";

"First-ever winners of Prince William’s Earthshot Prize announced";

"INEOS invests over €2 billion in green hydrogen production for Europe";

"The Nationals’ climate position has become symbolic posturing and no longer represents Australian farmers";

"‘Utterly his own right’ for Scott Morrison to commit to net-zero, Barnaby Joyce says".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

The open letter to the Federal Government from more than 30 businesses and individuals in Shepparton:

We believe a 2050 net zero emissions target is essential in order to keep a global temperature rise under 2°C. For us specifically in the Goulburn Valley, a rise above 2°C would threaten our lifestyle and highly profitable agricultural sector. The Federal Government needs to adopt this target and work toward it in a way that transitions without threatening our economy.
The Business Council of Australia has modelled a roadmap to Australia achieving net-zero by 2050, through adaptation of new technologies, harnessing renewables and incentivising carbon sequestration. The Council identifies that this process could reap an economic dividend of $890 billion and 190,000 jobs over the next 50 years. With strong investment in our region, the Goulburn Valley can be part of this dividend.
We are well placed to benefit from this 2050 net-zero blueprint. We have the capability to generate renewable energy, participate in profitable carbon sequestration and adapt technology for our manufacturing sector. Done properly, this could enhance our energy reliability and affordability.
This requires commitment from the government, a clear policy framework and significant investment.
We don’t really have a choice not to participate in this global effort, given several of our trading partners are indicating an emissions commitment will be required to continue that trading relationship. That is in addition to the overbearing challenges we will leave future generations if we can not keep the dial below a 2°C temperature increase.
The Goulburn Valley has constantly adapted to challenges and opportunities with its embrace of technology and entrepreneurial spirit. We believe we can do the same with this challenge, but we need the government to act now and invest.


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