Sept. 13, 2021

Quick climate links: What would it take for climate deniers to wake up?

Quick climate links: What would it take for climate deniers to wake up?

Today's Quick climate links:-

Four stories from The Guardian:

The first - “Whether on Covid or climate, it seems our politicians really aren’t like you and me”;

Second - “‘Ida is not the end’: Indigenous residents face the future on Louisiana’s coast – photo essay:

The third - “Anxiety and biscuits: the climate cafes popping up around the world”;

The fourth and final story from The Guardian today is - “What would it take for antivaxxers and climate science deniers to ‘wake up’?”;

From ABC News we read - “UK government accused of dropping FTA climate commitments due to Australian pressure”;

Writing on Medium Nicole Denamur says - “Climate Work is Equity Work”;

Watch and listen to climate scientist Kim Cobb on TEDxCentennialParkWomen talk about “Greening the Built Environment”;

The New York Times tells readers about - “Building a More Sustainable Car, From Headlamp to Tailpipe;”

Dr Blanche Verlie form the University of Sydney will be among the speakers at the “Collective Trauma Summit 2021;”

The New Daily tells readers - “Russia burns as climate change scorches forest and steppe”;

From Climate Conscious we hear - “Doomsday Prophecies Are Dooming Our Climate”;

Energy reports - “Preparing for stranded assets and production declines”;

The Conversation carries the story - “The daily dance of flowers tracking the sun is more fascinating than most of us realise”;

From Vox it’s the question - “What’s the worst that could happen?”;

Grist suggests - “To solve the climate crisis, we must first repair our relationships”;

We finish with two stories from The Melbourne Age - 

Australia can up its 2030 climate change target, but will it be enough?”;

‘We’ll keep mining’: Australia resists climate policy pressure”.

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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