March 17, 2022

Quick Climate Links: 'We have to get rid of Russian fossil fuels as soon as possible' - Finish PM Marin Sanna

Quick Climate Links: 'We have to get rid of Russian fossil fuels as soon as possible' - Finish PM Marin Sanna

Finland's PM Marin Sanna (pictured) wants to see her country rid itself of Russian fossil fuels "just as soon as possible".

The Ford Motor Company is one of the world's largest car manufacturers and until now had controlled a large share of the market with its fossil fuel-powered internal combustion engines, but now has shifted its gaze and intent to consider electric cars.

In what is a major change, "Ford plans seven electric models in Europe by 2024".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Latest NASA GIF Showing Change in Earth's Temperature Shocks Internet";

"Bechtel turns to US veterans to meet renewable energy boom";

"Queensland to provide $3,000 subsidy to buy electric vehicles";

"Environment groups say Coalition plan to bypass federal approvals a ‘step towards industry free-for-all’";

"Attorney General’s Office Lawsuit Against ExxonMobil";

"States leave feds in the dust as Taylor and Bowen play politics on energy transition";

"Clean Energy Regulator attacks think tank, defends Santos";

"Coalition delivers two punches to the climate in one night";

"The Water Collaborative";

"Resilient Landscapes Program: Working with Nature to Foster Resilience";

"The San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) is one of California’s premier aquatic and ecosystem science institutes";

"Will Russia’s invasion of Ukraine push Europe towards energy independence and faster decarbonisation?";

"Thanks to heavy rain, Australia’s environment scores a 7 out of 10 – but the future remains bleak";

"Farmers for Climate Action";

"To get to the rainforest canopy, it helps to have a crane";

"Thinking of buying an electric vehicle for your next car? Here’s the market outlook and what to consider";

"Renters sweltering in ‘unhealthy temperatures’ due to lax rental standards: Report";

"Climate Change Is Harming the Planet Faster Than We Can Adapt, U.N. Warns";

"Why Russian Oil and Gas Matter to the Global Economy";

"IPCC adaptation report ‘a damning indictment of failed global leadership on climate’";

"Russian Federation: Energy resources and market structure";

"We’re Releasing the Data Behind Our Toxic Air Analysis";

"‘It’s stuff you can’t replace’: experts fear priceless local history will be thrown out in NSW floods cleanup";

"NSW Liberal upper house MP to quit over flood funding";

"Alan Kohler: Don’t touch the petrol excise. It’s Australia’s carbon tax";

"The Global Oil Market Is Based on a Fiction";

"World far short of climate goals during 'decade of action' -report";

"Yemeni city looks to ancient past to survive climate change";

"EU countries back plan for world-first carbon border tariff";

"Europe sizes up renewables to reduce reliance on Russian gas";

"The disasters that never happened: how to soothe rising climate anxiety";

"After much-praised waste export ban, Australia under fire for shipping plastic trash as 'fuel'";

"From food to floods, Africa 'not ready' for climate stress, its scientists say";

"OPINION: How COP27 can deliver climate justice for rural women";

"17 ways to get about without using fossil fuels";

"Clearing alien trees can help reduce climate change impact on Cape Town’s water supply";

"Russia and Ukraine are important to the renewables transition. Here’s what that means for the climate";

"Pollen season is getting longer and more intense with climate change – here’s what allergy sufferers can expect in the future":

"The trouble with drought as an explanation for famine in the Horn and Sahel of Africa";

"Scientists sound the alarm over drought in East Africa: what must happen next";

"There are solutions to the food crisis. But ploughing up Britain isn’t one of them";

"Ukraine: how the global fertiliser shortage is going to affect food";

"Microsoft heads up $34M investment in software platform to cut cargo ship emissions";

"A heat pump can help you avoid burning fossil fuels at home";

"In the Sharma decision the federal court says: we see the climate risk but cannot act";

"SA environment minister challenges Morrison government to ‘fast-track’ electric vehicle transition";

"Turtle's tragic X-ray exposes flood problem";

"Origin says there are better technologies than coal, as grid moves away from baseload".

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