Oct. 14, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Twiggy Forrest: Our 'hydrogen hero'

Quick Climate Links:  Twiggy Forrest: Our 'hydrogen hero'

Working with Australia 2, The Council for the Human Future organized the webinar: “Taking up the Glasgow challenge”.

Today's Quick Climate Links:

"Carbon emissions ‘will drop just 40% by 2050 with countries’ current pledges’"

"‘Adapt or die’: resilience to climate change needed, says Environment Agency";

"Under-pressure New Zealand sets out carbon-zero plan";

"Climate pork barrel won't work: economist";

"Tasmania to legislate for net-zero emissions by 2030";

"“Unstoppable transition:” Australia can hit 91% renewables by 2030"

"Nationals warn past promises ‘haven’t been realised’ ahead of net-zero debate";

"Farmers demand Nationals deliver climate policy payback";

"Group uses visuals to highlight climate challenges in Niger Delta communities";

"‘Overwhelming’ backing for strong climate action, UK study shows";

"Hyundai partakes in new hydrogen fuel cell developments";

"Renewable engineering offers best industry career prospects";

""Belonging Before Belief" - Prisms of the People with Hahrie Han";

"Billionaire disrupters: Forrest, Ambani’s new energy onslaught leaves carbon-corrupt politicians in the dust";

"Rich Countries Must Bear the Cost if We Can Ever Hope to Achieve a Net-Zero World";

"Discount on buying electric cars could be cut with Cop26 on horizon";

"China Puts Energy Security First While Doubling Down on Renewables";

"Ben Santer on ‘separating’ and his ‘small part’ in understanding of climate science";

"NSW urges federal government to follow suit, adopt 50 per cent emissions reduction target by 2030";

"NSW unveils $80 billion green hydrogen strategy, with incentives to plug into grid";

"Tasmanian Government aims for net-zero emissions by 2030";

"Australia will need surge in renewables, electric vehicles to meet UN emissions goal";

"The Climate Refugees of Now.":

"States put Australia on track to beat 2030 emissions pledge but Morrison may not make it official";

"The global elites are headed to Scotland. Call it climate FOMO";

"Australia well placed to transition from coal exports to green minerals: IMF";

"Energy Inequality Makes a Hotter World Deadlier for Poor Nations";

"Asia’s energy pivot is a warning to Australia: clinging to coal is bad for the economy";

"Alan Kohler: Murdoch and the BCA are providing cover for Morrison. Good";

"Govt climate document sees no role for agriculture";

"Biden Administration Plans Wind Farms Along Nearly the Entire U.S. Coastline";

"Private Equity Funds, Sensing Profit in Tumult, Are Propping Up Oil";

"Are Countries Providing Enough to the $100 Billion Climate Finance Goal?";

"Fossil-Fuel Use Could Peak in Just a Few Years. Still, Major Challenges Loom.";

"See how climate change could drown landmarks around the world";

"When Bad Weather and Bad Landlords Collide";

"Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded for Study of Humanity’s Role in Changing Climate";

"Critical fire weather and Red Flag Warnings predicted for much of California Monday and Tuesday";

"San Diego supervisors narrowly approve Otay Ranch development over wildfire, climate concerns";

"No matter the fire risk, California insurance companies can’t cancel your policy";

"PM urged to ignore Nats’ climate dissent";

"Australia becoming a 'dumping ground' for polluting cars as government delays signing on to international standards";

"The Great Pause Week 82: Cars that Solve for Climate";

"Should We Frame Climate as a Moral Issue?";

"State and territory climate action: Leading policies and programs in Australia";

"Australia will need surge in renewables, electric vehicles to meet UN emissions goal";

"Clean energy delayed by ‘stubborn incumbency’ of fossil fuels";

"Disruption to regional industries a risk to government’s net-zero deal";

"News Corp’s Herald Sun runs climate change ‘furphy’ ad on third day of net-zero campaign";

"Mining Magnate Andrew Forrest's green hydrogen gamble";

"Green exports could create almost 400,000 jobs";

"Debate over net zero in Australia is heating up as calls for more climate change action grow. Here's the background";

"Decarbonisation Futures: Solutions, actions and benchmarks for a net-zero emissions Australia".

Enjoy: "Music for a Warming World".

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