Dec. 2, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Town Hall meeting with Goldstein Independent, Zoer Daniel

Quick Climate Links: Town Hall meeting with Goldstein Independent, Zoer Daniel

Former ABC reporter and international correspondent, Zoe Daniel (pictured) has nominated as an independent candidate for the Federal Seat of Goldstein and brings a special interest in climate change.

More information about Zoe and her campaign can be found at her website: "Independent for Goldstein, Zoe Daniel".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Breathtaking wilderness in the heart of coal country: after a 90-year campaign, Gardens of Stone is finally protected";

"‘Storybook of nature’: a landmark win as Gardens of Stone in NSW’s Blue Mountains protected";

"About The Gardens of Stone Alliance";

"Nation’s first commercial green hydrogen station set for Melbourne";

"Farmer blasts Powercor, Energy Safe Victoria for legal backdown over St Patrick's Day bushfires";

"Global push for green steel could hit Australia’s $150bn iron ore exports if miners don’t adapt, report finds";

"Snapchat’s Gen Z user base getting augmented reality look at Great Barrier Reef";

"Project Symphony: First big trial to “orchestrate” rooftop solar and battery storage";

"Wettest November in 100 years for many places in Queensland, and La Niña will ensure the rain continues over summer";

"Steel’s path to go green will cost industry up to $278 billion";

"ExxonMobil aims to double profits on restrained spending";

"We have to urgently reduce emissions and already have the technology to do it";

"Do La Niña’s rains mean boom or bust for Australian farmers?";

"For both anti-coal protesters and police, 'locking on' to trains and rail lines is fraught with danger";

"All round benefits of NZ adopting a circular economy";

"Putting economics to good use";

"Apple: 'We don’t want to debate climate change. We want to stop it.";

"Saving History With Sandbags: Climate Change Threatens the Smithsonian";

"What Will It Take for Electric Vehicles to Create Jobs, Not Cut Them?";

"Hunt for the ‘Blood Diamond of Batteries’ Impedes Green Energy Push";

"Coal use to peak in 2026 as renewables surge past forecasts";

"Venus could have been a paradise but turned into a hellscape. Earthlings, pay attention.";

"Rising sun: renewables to dominate new power capacity through 2026 -IEA";

"Prepare for more extreme weather, Britons warned in wake of Storm Arwen";

"Essex mega-prisons pose threat to rare wildlife, warn environmentalists";

"The rising cost of the climate crisis in flooded South Sudan – in pictures".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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