April 4, 2022

Quick Climate Links: 'The Lost Years' - the Climate Council considers the cost of climate inaction

Quick Climate Links: 'The Lost Years' - the Climate Council considers the cost of climate inaction

Australia's Climate Council laments the lost years with its latest report: "The Lost Years: Counting the costs of climate inaction in Australia".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"The rot began with John Howard";

"Deadly ‘Smoke Waves’ From Wildfires Set to Soar";

"Complex Models Now Gauge the Impact of Climate Change on Global Food Production. The Results Are ‘Alarming’";

"Indigenous Land Rights Are Critical to Realizing Goals of the Paris Climate Accord, a New Study Finds";

"Warming Trends: How Urban Parks Make Every Day Feel Like Christmas, Plus Fire-Proof Ceramic Homes and a Thriller Set in Fracking Country";

"Germany’s New Government Had Big Plans on Climate, Then Russia Invaded Ukraine. What Happens Now?";

"Facts Haven’t Spurred Us to Climate Action. Can Fiction?";

"UN chief hails net-zero plan in climate change fight";

"High-resolution BoM models showed Lismore was in danger while evacuation order was lifted";

"What causes spring floods?";

"Impacts of Russia war in Ukraine reverberate";

"Two Native tribes are helping create an electric vehicle ‘pipeline’";

"Man on Westminster hunger strike fighting for MPs to get climate briefing";

"A year after floods devastated Timor-Leste, the country is still recovering as more wild weather looms";

"Lismore residents begin second flood clean-up";

"Climate change is one of Australia's biggest challenges. But according to the government and Labor, it's not so clear-cut";

"Waves wash over roads, lap at houses as wild weather hits NSW coast";

"Switching off";

"Scientists urge end to fossil fuel use as landmark IPCC report readied";

"Severe weather and flood warnings – as it happened";

"Bleaching at Ningaloo Reef puts scientists on high alert, as they test coral DNA for heat resistance";

"Victoria to restore area five times size of Melbourne with $31m boost to private land conservation";

"Threatened native animals get $12m boost";

"World’s Scramble For Energy Drives Australian Exports to Record";

"Scientists risk arrest to sound climate alarm";

"Egypt Calls on Countries to Update Their Water and Climate Plans";

"Climate anxiety: Spike in mental health emergencies on very hot days";

"Australia plans to be a big green hydrogen exporter to Asian markets – but they don’t need it";

"A river runs through it";

"Auckland public transport: Do it once and do it right";

"Dire warning on climate change ‘is being ignored’ amid war and economic turmoil";

"Australia's largest-ever climate poll is here";

"Federal Budget and climate change";

"Heard the one about the climate apocalypse? How to joke about the end of the world".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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