Nov. 14, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Tearful COP president; concessions on coal; inadequate package; death knell for coal

Quick Climate Links: Tearful COP president; concessions on coal; inadequate package; death knell for coal

Professor Johan Rockström (pictured) gives an overview of a report outlining 10 new insights in climate science at the UN Climate Change Conference 2021 - COP26.

A tearful Alok Sharma apologised to Cop26 as a deal was overshadowed by last-minute concessions on coal.

Below are today's Quick Climate Links:

"COP26 closes with ‘compromise’ deal on climate, but it’s not enough, says UN chief";

"Hear from the Voices at the Frontlines of Climate Change at COP26";

"Here’s What Happened on the Final Day of the COP26 Climate Talks";

"‘Fragile win’: COP26 Glasgow’s pledge to end coal power weakened in final compromise";

"Social Media Is Polluted With Climate Denialism";

"We’re going to need a bigger planet: the problem with fixing the climate with trees";

"‘Deeply sorry’: COP26 summit reaches final agreement with last-minute change on coal";

"‘Lies’? Fact-checking Scott Morrison’s claims on electric vehicles and petrol";

"At COP26, Youth Activists From Around the World Call Out Decades of Delay";

"Plans To Dig the Biggest Lithium Mine in the US Face Mounting Opposition";

"In Glasgow, COP26 Negotiators Do Little to Cut Emissions, but Allow Oil and Gas Executives to Rest Easy";

"Supreme Court’s Unusual Decision to Hear a Coal Case Could Deal President Biden’s Climate Plans Another Setback";

"Nations Most Impacted by Global Warming Kept Out of Key Climate Meetings in Glasgow";

"Fossil Fuel Executives at the Glasgow Climate Talks Are Miffed With the Media";

"Ancient History Shows How We Can Create a More Equal World";

"After tense huddles in Glasgow, countries strike ‘uncomfortable’ climate deal";

"Third draft of Cop26 text retains key goal of limiting global heating to 1.5C";

"If Politicians Can’t Face Climate Change, Extinction Rebellion Will";

"Labor weighs political risk before announcing year-end climate policy";

"The great electric vehicles debate: how much has the tech changed in three years?";

"Dollars before lives’: Workers hit out at Yallourn safety culture";

"Australia awarded ‘colossal fossil’ award as climate talks drag on";

"Island nations rise up as their homelands start to sink";

"A parade of greenwashing, COP26 was ultimately a betrayal";

"COP26 Daily Briefing: 3 big things that happened on November 12";

"Canada has nearly kicked its coal addiction. The rest of the world? Not so much";

"Cop26 ends in climate agreement despite India watering down coal resolution";

"Scandalous outcome to COP26 as 1.5° hangs by a thread";

"Cop26 reactions: ‘Rich nations have kicked the can down the road’";

"Forum: COPping Out on Climate Action";

"CoP 26 civil society statement";

"Wealth Curse - George Monbiot";

"Coal phase-out still on table at COP26";

"The Dawn of Everything - how to change the course of history";

"The room where it happened: the dramatic final hours behind the Glasgow Climate Pact";

"‘The pressure for change is building’: reactions to the Glasgow climate pact";

"Election battleground: Morrison government insists 2030 target is ‘fixed’ despite Glasgow";

"The Climate Crisis Is Forcing Women and Girls to Sell Their Bodies";

"Haunting Satellite Imagery Shows Turkey’s Second-Largest Lake Has Dried Up";

"What Climate Change Looks Like From Space";

"It’s time to freak out about methane emissions";

"Impressive! Big Oil Sent More People to World Climate Summit Than Any Country";

"Climate Activists Say They’re Sick of Being ‘Youthwashed’ at COP26";

"Here Are the Pledges Made at COP26 – And Why Not Everyone Is Impressed";

"The ultimate guide to why the COP26 summit ended in failure and disappointment (despite a few bright spots)";

"Are you kidding, India? Your last-minute Glasgow intervention won’t relieve pressure to ditch coal";

"Where to find courage and defiant hope when our fragile, dewdrop world seems beyond saving";

"The government’s net-zero modelling shows winners, we’ve found losers as well";

"Government assumes 90% of Australia’s new car sales will be electric by 2050. But it’s a destination without a route";

"COP26 leaves too many loopholes for the fossil fuel industry. Here are 5 of them";

"COP26: New Zealand depends on robust new rules for global carbon trading to meets its climate pledge";

"How government modelling found net-zero would leave us better off";

"High Court decision on $125 million fine for Volkswagen is a warning to all greenwashers";

"Alan Kohler: We must not let Scott Morrison get away with do-nothing climate plan";

"‘Laggard’ Australia may not increase 2030 climate cuts, despite agreeing to do so";

"Election battleground: Morrison government insists 2030 target is ‘fixed’ despite Glasgow";

"Hunt refuses to commit to 2030 climate target";

"Good COP, bad COP: Climate wins and losses from Glasgow";

"Despite its faults, Glasgow climate summit offers hope";

"Glasgow ends in compromise, disappointment and a little hope";

"Rod Oram: COP26’s inadequate package could still lead to progress";

"John Kerry: Cop26 puts us closer than ever to avoiding climate chaos";

"Five vital lines in the COP26 climate agreement";

"‘Glasgow Pact’ keeps pressure on climate laggards like Australia, even after watering it down";

"COP26: Climate deal sounds the death knell for coal power - PM";

"Glasgow’s 2030 credibility gap: net zero’s lip service to climate action";

"'Comically flawed': Climate experts criticise Australia's net-zero modelling";

"Liberal backbenchers call for more ambitious 2035 emission reduction target".

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