Nov. 21, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Tackling disinformation; Rolls-Royce's electric plane; bold action; emissions cut remain elusive

Quick Climate Links: Tackling disinformation; Rolls-Royce's electric plane; bold action; emissions cut remain elusive

Hayley Purbrick (pictured) has, along with her family, moved the Nagambie Tahbilk Winery well down the path toward being carbon neutral.

You can hear Hayley talk about what is happening with the winery in its bid to become carbon neutral in this Radio National Country Breakfast story.

More about Tahbilk Winery can be discovered from the ABC story: "Historic Victorian winery on track to be carbon neutral without offsets by 2025";

Another story telling us more about the Nagambie winery: "Nagambie podcast ‘rockstar’: Hayley Purbrick";

Finally, we learn more about the winery at "The story of Tahbilk Winery begins with the land and the river".

Yale Climate Connections gives us a peek into the true violence of climate change through its story: "The link between climate change and terrorism".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Canada floods: 18,000 people still stranded in ‘terrible, terrible disaster’";

"The ultimate guide to why the COP26 summit ended in failure and disappointment (despite a few bright spots)";

"Australia's EV sales are lagging. What can we learn from world-leader Norway?";

"Scorpion plagues, sharks on the move: has Cop26 done enough for nature?";

"Merkel defends nuclear power exit despite climate challenges";

"Brazil's Amazon deforestation surges to 15-year high, undercutting government pledge";

"Australia turned Glasgow into fossil fuel ‘coffee shop'";

"From fire to floods, climate change hits Canada's fragile supply chain";

"“It’s going to get bumpy!” – Papua New Guinea sparked final day panic at Cop26";

"Laggards reject Glasgow pact’s 2022 call for new climate plans";

"US cities working to reduce emissions in the absence of bold action in Washington";

"Rolls-Royce’s electric plane Spirit of Innovation hits record-busting 387mph";

"Domino Theory" - George Monbiot;

"Political revolution in Australia driven by independents";

"The UK has the opportunity to lead the way on building clean energy storage";

"Indigenous leaders left COP26 disappointed, but celebrating ‘small wins’";

"Morrison’s damaging ‘Australian Way’ brands us all";

"Polluters face price pain as global carbon trading system moves forward";

"Farmers tempt endangered cranes back – by growing their favourite food";

"You can’t beat climate change without tackling disinformation";

"Alan Kohler: We must not let Scott Morrison get away with do-nothing climate plan";

"B.C. flooding: death toll rises to four after highway mudslides, one person still missing";

"More Young People Don’t Want Children Because of Climate Change. Has the UN Failed to Protect Them?";

"Bill Gates’ Vision for Next-Generation Nuclear Power in Wyoming Coal Country";

"COP Negotiators Demand Nations do More to Curb Climate Change, but Required Emissions Cuts Remain Elusive";

"Sonya Ross Joins Inside Climate News as Managing Editor";

"The Biden Administration’s Drilling Auction Shows Why the Paris Agreement Isn’t Enough";

"The House just approved the biggest climate investment in U.S. history — now it heads to the Senate";

"Yes, Cop26 could have gone further – but it still brought us closer to a 1.5C world";

"Why Many Americans Underestimate Who Is Most Concerned About The Environment".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".


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