Nov. 10, 2021

Quick Climate Links: 'System change not climate change; innovator to handwringer; no coal by 2030; date to end coal and gas rejected

Quick Climate Links: 'System change not climate change; innovator to  handwringer; no  coal by 2030; date to end coal and gas rejected

Richie Merzian (pictured) is the Climate and Energy Program Director from The Australia Institute and talked today (November 10) with RN Breakfast host, Fran Kelly, about Australia being last on an international index on how countries are combatting climate change.

Fran Kelly also talked with Agriculture Minister and the Minister for Northern Australia, David Littleproud, about that issue only the hear about what a wonderful job the Australian Government was doing in dealing with climate change.

Today's Quick Climate links are:

"Australia behind the rest of the world when it comes to EVs";

"Australian climate policy dead last on international index";

"National Farmers on the net-zero future";

"The Plan to Deliver Net Zero: The Australian Way";

"Banks are still financing fossil fuels – while signing up to net-zero pledges";

"Scott Morrison denies attacking electric vehicles in 2019 as he unveils new Coalition policy";

"Scott Morrison wants to be Australia’s Prime Marketer – but voters aren’t buying his woeful climate rebrand";

"1bn people will suffer extreme heat at just 2C heating, say scientists";

"Climate Derangement Syndrome";

"Getting off Gas with Judith Lucy";

"Supporting people emotionally in facing the climate reality";

"Motor industry pushes back against federal government’s electric vehicle plans";

"The electric car revolution putting Australia and the rest of the world to shame";

"Coming to age in climate change";

"Climate change. We get it ... it’s a mess you don’t want to think about";

"Change The Story";

"Low Emissions Technology Roadmap";

"How can Australia get cracking on emissions? The know-how we need is in our universities";

"Electric vehicle deal to create regional jobs collapses";

"How Scientists Know That Climate Change Juices Heat Waves";

"Developing countries put a number on post-2025 climate finance needs: $1.3trn a year";

"A Swiss pianist, a Rwandan chemist… meet 15 ministers brokering a deal in Glasgow";

"From Chile and Taiwan via Glasgow, youth call for climate justice";

"Renewable energy made easy";

"How to reduce our carbon footprint";

"Climate Action Firmly Back On Agenda";

"New COP26 climate pledges are unlikely to slow the pace of global warming, UN says";

"Small cuts in air traffic would level off global heating caused by flying – study";

"‘The first sip was rather shocking’: Cop26 delegates try Irn-Bru for the first time";

"If the super-rich want to live for ever our planet is truly doomed";

"Nonprofit Grid Alternatives trains women for careers in solar";

"Morrison to link $500 million for new technologies to easing way for carbon capture and storage";

"COP26: why education for girls is crucial in the fight against climate change";

"COP26: Climate Change Performance Index ranks Australia last for policy";

"COP26: World headed for 2.4C warming despite climate summit - report";

"Forrest says investors will pour 'billions' into big corporations' green energy push";

"‘System Change Not Climate Change’: Capitalism And Environmental Destruction";

"“System change, not climate change!”";

"Fossil fuel advertising in sport ‘the new cigarette sponsorship’, ex-Wallabies captain David Pocock says";

"NZ goes from innovator to handwringer on climate";

"Cop26: world on track for disastrous heating of more than 2.4C, says key report";

"COP26 talks still have ‘mountain to climb’";

"Capitalism trumps policy on climate: PM";

"Low emissions technology to receive $500m boost, including carbon capture and storage";

"What is the Morrison government’s electric cars policy – and will it actually drive take-up?";

"From ‘war on the weekend’ to ‘key building block’: Scott Morrison denies EV backflip";

"Study reveals how improving our health can help the planet";

"U.S. ‘Won’t Have Coal’ by 2030, John Kerry Predicts in Glasgow";

"John Kerry Sees a Deal on Global Carbon-Trading Rules at COP";

"U.K. Wants Nations to Improve COP Plans, But Offers a Way Out";

"U.K. Rejects Alliance Seeking Fixed Date to End Oil and Gas";

"One Billion People to Face Deadly Heat Stress If World Warms 2C";

"Cop26 is creating false hope for a 1.5C rise – the stark reality is very different";

"Countless metaphors capture the mood of COP26 in Glasgow";

"Four voices from COP26 on Paris Climate Agreement 1.5 degrees C target";

"A ‘just’ climate change adaptation needs arts and culture";

"COP26 has begun, and so have difficult conversations";

"Frustrations over voices unrepresented in formal COP26 talks";

"New $1 billion fund to back Australian companies to develop low-emissions technology";

"Fears that COP’s 1.5 degree climate goal may be slipping away";

"Obama fears failure and urges passion in Glasgow speech";

"Electric vehicle deal to create regional jobs collapses";

"‘Twiggy’ Forrest preaches his green energy dream at an AGM like no other";

"It’s good business for Australia to lead on carbon pricing".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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