Nov. 8, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Sleepwalking into catastrophe; City of Protest; difficult second week

Quick Climate Links: Sleepwalking into catastrophe; City of Protest; difficult second week

Scott Morrison (shown here in puppet form at COP26) didn't do himself, or Australia either, any favours during his recent visit to this international event in Glasgow, or the week before at the G20 summit in Italy.

The Australian PM is now something of an outcast in the climate community and in stooping to new lows has dragged us, the people of Australia, with him. He has been described by a senior British climate official as a "great disappointment to the rest of the world".

Today's Quick Climate Links are:

""A great disappointment to the rest of the world": UK's top climate advisor pans Scott Morrison's climate goals";

"Net-zero climate deal no zero-sum game for the Nationals";

"‘False hope’: Regional Australians demand action, not obfuscation, on climate change";

"Thunberg calls COP26 a ‘failure’ as summit chief warns of a long week ahead";

"Yarra Ranges forest the size of 94 MCGs donated to conservation";

"Cop this: tens of thousands brave Glasgow weather to demand climate action";

"COP26: Tens of thousands rally in Glasgow to demand climate action";

"Cop26 week one: the impression of progress – but not nearly enough";

"Rallies in Sydney, Melbourne protest against Australia's climate policy";

"COP26: oil price soars even as the world turns against fossil fuel";

"‘Dangerous blindspot’: why overlooking blue carbon could sink us";

"Shipping emissions must fall by a third by 2030 and reach zero before 2050 – new research;

"‘Sleepwalking into catastrophe’: Black Summer documentary Burning stars at UN climate conference";

"Summary for Policymakers";

"Rod Oram: Do the older politicians get it?";

"What countries are leaders in reducing deforestation? Which are not?";

"China’s Deafening Silence Speaks Loudest at Global Climate Talks";

"Thunberg Sets Slogan for COP26 in Scotland’s City of Protest";

"COP and Carbon Trading: Can This Time Be Different?";

"How to Stop 30 Years of Failing to Cut Emissions";

"Senators Cling to Fossil Fuel Stocks as World Heats Up";

"Reaching net-zero by 2070 is possible – but it’s what India does right now that matters";

"Banks are still financing fossil fuels – while signing up to net-zero pledges";

"Clean energy could save American lives to tune of $700 billion per year";

"Emergency, crisis, existential threat: The evolving lingo of climate change";

"New book delves into 300 years that changed humanity … and the planet";

"Developing a pipeline of skills for the energy access sector";

"The power of sport to address the climate crisis";

"Engaging youth with the climate emergency at COP26 and beyond";

"Counter climate summit kicks off as activists lament Cop26 inaction";

"‘The time for change is now’: demonstrators around the world demand action on climate crisis";

"How passive solar ideas inspired a 1950s builder ahead of his time";

"They helped build a 'solar village' after Cyclone Tracy. 40 years on Pam and Peter still live off-grid";

"A father and son's Ice Age plot to slow Siberian permafrost thaw";

"‘Indigenous people feel the climate crisis. Our land is a part of us";

"COP26 Protesters Back an Array of Causes, Connected by Climate Change";

"Climate Challenge: 1.5 Degrees Films";

"COP for Scots: Building a Climate Legacy";

"What is a Climate Café?";

"ACT, NSW and South Australia governments join forces for climate action";

"Labor rules out ‘carbon tax’ and ETS in climate change fight";

"Progress has been made in Glasgow. But Australia is well behind the pack";

"The future of coastal cities looks like Miami";

"Pacific youth 'grow up with fear' as climate change threatens their homes and futures";

"Australia’s emissions from land clearing likely far higher than claimed, analysis indicates";

"Explainer: What's the difference between 1.5°C and 2°C of global warming?";

"Scott Morrison is hiding behind future technologies, when we should just deploy what already exists";

"Feel alone in your eco-anxiety? Don’t – it’s remarkably common to feel dread about environmental decline";

"The climate crisis gives science a new role. Here’s how research ethics must change too";

"COP26: it’s half-time at the crucial Glasgow climate change summit – and here’s the score";

"5 major heatwaves in 30 years have turned the Great Barrier Reef into a bleached checkerboard";

"Australian companies are facing more climate-focused ESG resolutions than ever before, and they are paying quiet dividends";

"Why taking action on climate change is an Islamic obligation";

"Alan Kohler: Politicians must stop lying about the cost of climate change";

"Rod Oram: COP26’s difficult second week";

"1.8°C in sight? Only if everyone keeps their promises";

"Tired of COP26 promises, Glasgow protesters push climate justice from 'the outside'";

"COP Carbon-Market Talks Struggle as U.S. Lines Up Behind EU";

"‘It’s just an announcement’: Taiwan says Australia should legislate net-zero target";

"Greens would use balance of power to end coal";

"COP26: Glasgow climate summit was seen as a debacle for Scott Morrison - but will it cost him at the next election?";

"Existing carbon markets better than new technology for Australia's net-zero goal";

"Honest Government Ad | Net-Zero by 2050 (feat. Greta)";

"Australian business heavyweight drives push for global carbon price";

"Green hydrogen trucks to help cut down on emissions in transport sector";

"Glasgow ‘ratchet mechanism’ could put more pressure on Australia";

"Labor’s test in the age of shouty politics: be the voice of reason on climate";

"Australian state governments to collaborate on reaching net-zero emissions";

"Australia’s commitment to coal is putting my country of Kiribati in danger";

"So what has Cop26 achieved so far?";

"Latrobe Valley coal community already looking to future as COP26 delegates discuss end of fossil fuel";

"'Sinking' Pacific nation is getting bigger: study";

"Few willing to change lifestyle to save the planet, climate survey finds";

"UK may eventually need carbon border tax, George Eustice says";

"How vital is adapting to a changed climate? Just ask a poor country";

"Support for vulnerable nations could ‘make or break’ Cop26 talks";

"Scott Morrison reaffirms coal commitment".

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