Oct. 23, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Simon Holmes à Court - well manered and with a transformational idea

Quick Climate Links: Simon Holmes à Court - well manered and with a transformational idea

Simon Holmes à Court (pictured) was among the guests on the latest edition of ABC Television's Q&A program.

Simon, who was the epitome of good behaviour, took the chance of being on national television to explain the reasons and operation of Climate 200.

Other climate links are:

"Simon Holmes à Court takes government and Tim Wilson to task on net zero, Paris Agreement and climate change plans on Q+A";

"Nationals ministers may quit cabinet if net-zero policy doesn’t meet their demands";

"Addressing the mess we’ve made of things: climate change in culture";

"Natural contrarian to ‘facilitator-in-chief’, but Barnaby Joyce is stronger on the attack";

"Coalition puts net-zero division up in lights";

"Mike and Annie Cannon-Brookes pledge $1.5b to limit global warming";

"Taylor faces re-election test in Hume, independent challenger to be revealed soon";

"Vote Angus Out";

"How Russia Is Cashing In on Climate Change";

"Coal Stocks Rise, Even as the Planet Warms";

"Facing pressure at home, New Zealand’s climate change minister steels himself for Cop26";

"Zoe Daniel: There are three approaches to climate change, Australia is choosing the wrong one";

"The Ferguson Report: Scientist declares that global warming is caused by awards ceremonies";

"Here’s why Australians won’t be hit by those soaring gas prices we’re seeing overseas";

"The climate crisis is global, but councils can offer local solutions";

"A Low-Carbon Future in the US Depends on Decarbonizing Petroleum Refineries";

"BBC sets out path to net-zero by 2030";

"Some climate advocates are also working to address systemic racism";

"‘Breakthrough’: IMF develops fund to help debt-laden nations address climate risks";

"Once a vital feature of climate talks, has the huddle had its day?";

"We don’t have time to dismiss carbon markets as a climate solution";

"Young people are creating a new climate narrative for African drylands";

"Space for climate: raising awareness ahead of Cop 26";

"Climate advocates who backed Sinema exasperated by blocking of Biden bill";

"UK net-zero strategy under fire for failure to show carbon savings";

"Things are a bit ragged for Morrison, and not only because of the Coalition’s climate bullfight";

"India among 11 'countries of concern' on climate change for U.S. spy agencies";

"Nationals MP says solar won’t work in the dark as party makes wishlist for supporting net-zero target";

"Morrison could have done the deal of the century on climate, but opted for tribalism".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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