Nov. 4, 2021

Quick Climate Links: 'Shove the climate crisis up your arse' - Greta Thunberg

Quick Climate Links: 'Shove the climate crisis up your arse' - Greta Thunberg

Vinisha Umashankar was the latest winner of the Earthshot Prize, and the 15-year-old gave a compelling and honest speech at COP26.

Umashankar was awarded the prize for her creation of a solar-powered, mobile ironing cart, and addressed the room full of politicians with a clear message from herself and her generation.

You can read about Vinisha and hear her whole address at: "Vinisha Umashankar's powerful speech after Earthshot Prize Award".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Europe’s record summer ‘impossible’ without global heating";

"‘You can shove your climate crisis up your arse’: Greta Thunberg sings at Cop26 – video";

"Tesla increases Model 3 and Model Y ranges with 2022 model year";

"Good for the Farm good for the Farm";


"Two US presidents, one China: Climate change co-operation comes unstuck";

"Surface Tension" - George Monbiot

"What is climate finance and why is it important?";

"Australia can’t reach net-zero unless it helps people on low incomes transition to clean energy";

"Why sustainable behaviour change in the workplace is important";

"Climate emergency: how much do you know?";

"California nonprofit Corazón Healdsburg helps Spanish speakers prepare for wildfire emergencies";

"Emergency, crisis, existential threat: The evolving lingo of climate change";

"Carney Unveils $130 Trillion in Climate Finance Commitments";

"Indonesia and Philippines Join Plan to Shut Coal Plants Early";

"Lawyers admit Australian government’s conduct in fracking court case ‘regrettable’";

"Why Australia's green energy movement needs to include Aboriginal communities";

"Australia’s refusal to sign a global methane pledge exposes flaws in the term ‘net-zero’";

"COP26: global deforestation deal will fail if countries like Australia don’t lift their game on land clearing";

"Land, culture, livelihood: what Indigenous people stand to lose from climate ‘solutions’";

"Health care contributes 7% to Australia’s carbon emissions – but health is missing from our COP26 plan";

"Inside Australia’s COP26 ‘propaganda’ pavilion, which went viral for touting fossil fuel companies";

"COP26: US and EU announce global pledge to slash methane";

"COP celebrities: The star power-boosting this climate summit";

"Wall Street’s Favorite Climate Solution Is Mired in Disagreements";

"The New York Times Debate: Our Obsession With Technology Will Slow Down the Green Transition.";

"What climate change looks like around the world";

"Cop26 has to be about keeping fossil fuels in the ground. All else is distraction";

"Cop26’s worst outcome would be giving the green light to carbon offsetting";

"We need radical policies to reach net zero. Here’s a fairer way to do them";

"We are in Glasgow to demand justice for those most affected by the climate crisis";

"The Climate Summit is Mostly Banal--With Moments So Deep You Walk Away In Tears";

"Three-quarters of Australia’s ‘significant’ climate aid projects in Pacific don’t mention climate change, Greenpeace says";

"If pledges already made at Glasgow are met, warming ‘to peak below 2 degrees’";

"COP26 coalition worth $130 trillion vows to put climate at heart of finance";

"Scott Morrison plays down Australia's overall emissions compared to China's, but that's not the whole story";

"French drama can’t hide real story from Cop26: Scott Morrison’s promise to do hardly anything";

"Cop26 day 3: model projects 1.9C of heating; Sunak makes London net-zero pledge – as it happened";

"19 countries plan COP26 deal to end financing of fossil fuels abroad - sources";

"Smart Energy Council Conference and Exhibition";

"Fighting fires at home, Xi Jinping makes a two-way bet on climate";

"Nationals want Morrison to deliver on promised regional fund in net-zero deal";

"Biden, Boris, Modi: World leaders talk money on COP26’s first full day";

"From early despair, progress at Glasgow suggests hope for big ambitions";

"Australia eyes more oil and gas fields as COP26 seeks fossil phase-out";

"COP26, a grotesque mix of rent seekers, hangers-on and political wannabes";

"Carbon emissions soar after brief global pandemic lockdown dip";

"The Greta effect: is Glasgow fuelled by real momentum or just blah blah blah?";

"Australia could lead the world on green hydrogen with the right policies";

"Canada spent $18B on financial supports for the fossil fuel industry last year: report";

"Australia criticised over prominence of fossil fuel company display at COP26 stall";

"Tougher climate change disclosure laws under Labor";

"Carbon emissions soar after brief global pandemic lockdown dip".

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