April 28, 2022

Quick Climate Links: Senator Matt Canavan declares net-zero 'dead', but told to 'pull his head in'

Quick Climate Links: Senator Matt Canavan declares net-zero 'dead', but told to 'pull his head in'

Senator Matt Canavan (pictured) has declared LNP's net-zero by 2050 target as "dead". Subsequently, some of his National Party compatriots have told him to "pull his head in".

You can read about that in this story - "Net-zero ‘dead’: Nationals force climate war eruption in Coalition" and hear his National Party counterpart, Michelle Landry, telling him the pull his head in - "Matt Canavan told to 'pull his head in' by government colleagues over net-zero by 2050 comments".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Council election 2022: Liberal Democrats in Monmouthshire";

"Replacing NSW coal plant with renewables would create thousands more jobs than gas, report says";

"Will the Biden administration let one company kill US solar?";

"Thousand a day displaced by climate change, but they aren’t protected like refugees: Expert";

"1.5 vs 2C: What difference can a lousy half a degree of global warming make?";

"AusNet proposes first industry led, 10GW renewable zone in Victoria";

"New survey finds most Australians want climate action from government, and are likely to vote for it";

"‘Last meaningful opportunity’: Federal election firing up young climate activists";

"Matt Canavan declares net zero by 2050 is ‘all over bar the shouting’ after PM tries to quell divisions";

"Election 2022: Government's commitment to 2050 climate change target questioned";

"Too many new coal-fired plants planned for 1.5C climate goal, report concludes";

"Australia has little credibility left in the Pacific";

"Estimating Volume Changes for Floodplain Harvesting in New South Wales, Australia";

"Energy Crises in the Time of Covid: Precarious Fossil Infrastructures";

"Scott Morrison is setting up another fake fight on a carbon ‘tax’";

"Victoria’s solar rebate expansion will help wean state off gas, say experts";

"Nature-based solutions, and how countries like Singapore and The Netherlands are using them to fight floods";

"Here’s one way to burn less fossil fuel – use human energy to heat buildings instead";

"Climate divisions reopen as Coalition Senator says net-zero commitment ‘all over’";

"4 ways we can change our behaviour to adapt to the climate crisis";

"A year of hunger: how the Russia-Ukraine war is worsening climate-linked food shortages";

"What next? The world is at a crossroad";

"Eggheads want European producers to manage their e-waste universally";

"Ukraine Live Updates: War’s Effects Widen as Russia Vows More Reprisals";

"Grounded, and loving it. Can giving up air travel bring joy?";

"Farming push to delay eco-friendly subsidies risks net-zero target – report";

"Labor edges closer to Coalition on coal in bid to woo Hunter Valley, Queensland voters";

"California’s Terranova Ranch is getting ready for large electric farm equipment";

"How Biden Can Help the Climate on Earth Day—Without Congress";

"Climate change is upping hurricane rainfall totals";

"Rural electric co-ops face barriers to going renewable";

"Coalition climate policy forced big polluters to pay $15m for carbon credits in past year";

"Ratings agency says Morrison climate policies “obscure, unclear and confusing”:

"One in five reptile species globally are under the threat of extinction";

"Reaching the Paris Agreement without protecting Indigenous lands is “impossible”, says report";

"Labor’s climate plan would have ‘little financial impact’ on coal: Grattan";

"Coalition climate policy forced big polluters to pay $15m for carbon credits in past year";

"Now it’s the Coalition’s turn to walk both sides of the street on climate";

"What is Labor’s Safeguard Mechanism plan? Is it a ‘sneaky carbon tax’ or a sensible way to cut emissions?";

"Russia cuts gas to Poland and Bulgaria as West mounts new arms push";

"Hunter $182m 'super hydrogen hub' unveiled";

"Business waiting for detail on Labor climate plan";

"There’s No Scenario in Which 2050 Is ‘Normal’";

"Scott Morrison’s carbon tax attack fizzles in net-zero world";

"Amid net-zero infighting, Australia is on track for the world’s biggest increase in cyclone victims";

"View from The Hill: Warring within Coalition over 2050 target brings some gold dust for ‘teals’";

"Net zero by 2050 will hit a major timing problem technology can’t solve. We need to talk about cutting consumption";

"A crash course in Doug Ford’s love-hate relationship with electric vehicles";

"In Ontario’s York Region, council just voted to allow development on 1,400 acres of Greenbelt farmland".

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