Feb. 24, 2022

Quick Climate Links: Saul Griffith; Zoe Daniel; Turning tyres into fuel in Zambia

Quick Climate Links: Saul Griffith; Zoe Daniel; Turning tyres into fuel in Zambia

Zoe Daniel (pictured) and former reporter with the ABC, actually a foreign correspondent, was one of two speakers at a webinar organized by the Bayside Climate Crisis Action Group (BCCAG).

Zoe, through her work, has had powerful encounters with the practical realities of the climate crisis is standing as an independent candidate for the seat of Goldstein in the forthcoming Federal Election.

Inventor, engineer and author, Saul Griffith, was the guest on a webinar organized by The Australia Institute.

Saul Griffith talked about his new book, "The Big Switch", and the importance of Australia electrifying everything.

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"The Zambian company turning tyres into fuel";

"Damp, sticky, record-breaking: La Nina delivers a ‘classic’ summer";

"Climate change could cause more septic system failures";

"What the latest science says about Antarctica and sea-level rise";

"Building a sustainable future requires "green" skills";

"Germany puts a stop to Nord Stream 2, a key Russian natural gas pipeline.";

"Black carbon pollution from tourism and research increasing Antarctic snowmelt, study says";

"Dakota Access Pipeline operator loses legal battle";

"FACT SHEET: Securing a Made in America Supply Chain for Critical Minerals";

"Ohio road budget could run out of fuel as drivers switch to electric vehicles";

"Toyota and Yamaha are developing a hydrogen-fueled V8 engine";

"China lithium deposit discovered near Mount Everest may be boon in push to secure critical resource";

"Meet Peat, the unsung hero of carbon capture";

"How a high-tech twist on a 19th-century process could clean up steel and cement making";

"What winter weather forecasts, wildfires and mosquitoes mean for our health";

"Maryland must reduce its natural gas consumption";

"Democrats’ Anti-Energy Agenda Hurts Working Families and Helps Putin";

"Opinion: PUC proposal to alter rooftop solar policy hurts working families";

"Biden Joins Europe in Punishing Russia With Sanctions";

"We Must Learn to Look at Grief, Even When We Want to Run Away";

"Italy’s Push to Create Greener Cities Led to $5 Billion in Fraud";

"Almost 15,000 ‘ghost flights’ have left UK since pandemic began";

"Climate change is intensifying Earth’s water cycle at twice the predicted rate, research shows";

"A fifth of Australia’s fossil fuel facilities emit more greenhouse gas than originally estimated, report says";

"Electrify everything – a blueprint for decarbonising Australia";

"Vegetarians have 14% lower cancer risk than meat-eaters, study finds";

"‘Danger to life’ warnings in West Midlands after flooding";

"Sunlight helps clean up oil spills in the ocean more than previously thought";

"Limitless power arriving too late: why fusion won’t help us decarbonise":

"Why the Australian government should welcome Mike Cannon-Brookes’ plan to takeover AGL";

"Greens unveil $19bn plan to subsidise coal workers to transition away from fossil fuel jobs";

"Major Queensland coal port to investigate pivot to green hydrogen exports";

"Broken coral fragments now reproducing in major milestone for Great Barrier Reef program";

"UK backs Australian invented hydrogen storage tech to cut use of fossil fuels";

"Facebook overlooks half the climate denial content on its platform, study finds";

"Climate change: effect on forests could last millennia, ancient ruins suggest";

"Europe’s next climate challenge: Getting off Russian gas";

"Obesity crisis: Chemicals in plastics appear to drive weight gain";

"Ministry’s extreme weather budget boosted amid droughts and floods";

"Until airlines tackle the scourge of ‘ghost flights’, Britain will never reach net-zero";

"Dennis Meadows on the 50th anniversary of the publication of The Limits to Growth";

"Newsletter: Here’s how California plans to spend $37 billion fighting climate change";

"Supreme court case could restrict Biden’s effort to tackle climate crisis";

"Wildfires getting worse globally with governments unprepared, UN warns";

"BOM outlook signals a wetter-than-average autumn";

"Damp, sticky, record-breaking: La Nina delivers a ‘classic’ summer";

"Revel launches all-electric, all-employee ride-sharing service in NY";

"‘Green Schools Challenge’ teaches Miami kids about climate problem, solutions";

"The state of Arctic ice – and why it matters".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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