Sept. 29, 2021

Quick Climate Links: '@risk In The Climate Crisis, dangerous air, social stategy, thinktank, what happened?

Quick Climate Links: '@risk In The Climate Crisis, dangerous air, social stategy, thinktank, what happened?

Gretchen Miller gives us a taste of what’s ahead with her groundbreaking podcast, “@risk in the Climate Crisis” (pictured)

From the Halifax Examiner we read: “Hundreds march through Halifax to demand action on climate change”;

Now we have two stories from the Melbourne-based ClimateWorks:

Australia signed the Paris Agreement. Then what happened?”;

Good news in climate solutions – September edition”;

Coming in November this year is the “Impact Summit, Sydney 2021”;

Climate Action alerts readers to: “University of Bath to offer climate change education for all new students”;

Next, we have a comment piece from The Telegraph: “Green warriors are on a mission to stamp out prosperity as we know it”;

Now it is five stories from The Guardian:

Thinktank calls for carbon trading desk for small farmers and climate-focused livestock research”;

“‘Blah, blah, blah’: Greta Thunberg lambasts leaders over climate crisis”;

The UK’s petrol crisis is just a taste of a more jittery, uncertain future”;

Thinktank wants $259m in royalties directed to coalmining towns as renewables take over”;

Climate pressure on Scott Morrison grows as NSW promises to cut emissions in half by 2030”;

And from the BBC it’s: “Justin Rowlatt, climate editor”;

Enjoy some climate poetry from: “As She Rises”;

And what does Wikipedia has to say about “Climate change”;

Three stories from the Melbourne Age:

PM briefs federal MPs on net-zero as Nationals raise new fears”;

Bridget McKenzie takes swipe at ‘vacuous’ Liberals over net-zero”;

The energy crisis wreaking havoc across the globe”;

And then we have an Editorial from The Age:

Morrison needs to go to Glasgow climate summit”;

From Bloomberg Business: “China’s Coal Shortage Means Higher Prices for the World”;

Two stories from ABC News: 

SA's statewide blackout was five years ago — here's how energy supply has evolved since then”;

Methane emissions higher than previous estimates in Queensland's Surat Basin CSG region”;

And from The Newsroom: “COP26 - last chance to ramp up climate change ambition”;

Now we have two stories from The Conversation:

The Nationals signing up to net-zero should be a no-brainer. Instead, they’re holding Australia to ransom”;

Climate explained: what is an ice age and how often do they happen?”;

From The New Daily: “Koalas, emus and more will be reintroduced to Sydney, thanks to a new national park”;

And The New York Times tells readers: “Ford Will Build 4 Factories in a Big Electric Vehicle Push”;

From Inside Climate News, readers learn: “Dangerous Air: As California Burns, America Breathes Toxic Smoke”;

The World Resources Institute has two stories: 

The U.S. Can Achieve Climate Commitments — With All of Society Strategy”;

Will Progress at Climate Week Spur More Action Ahead of COP26?”;

From The Sydney Morning Herald: “Glimpses of a low carbon future amid Port Kembla’s coal and steel”;

And finally, from The Climate Reality Project, Canada: “Mobilizing Youth for Systemic Climate Action, The lessons I learned from Dr. Michael E. Mann’s The New Climate War”.

Enjoy “Music for a Warming World”.

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