Dec. 1, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Richard Heinberg; stopping Scarborough gas plant; to breed or not to breed

Quick Climate Links: Richard Heinberg; stopping Scarborough gas plant; to breed or not to breed

Author and reporter, Richard Heinberg, was a guest on a recent webinar organized by the Security and Sustainability Forum where he talked about his latest book, "Power: Limits and Prospects for Human Survival".

The University of Sydney's "Sydney Environment Institute" has a podcast series entitled "How Can Finance Address Climate Change?".

A fascinating array of episodes can by found the "Temparature Check" podcasts.

The planned Scarborough gas plant has raised considerable ire and we are being asked to support the cause - "Scarborough can be stopped. But we need you to Say NO now!".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Finance group fails to deliver at COP26";

"Hanukkah story can inspire energy conservation, rabbi says";

"To Breed or Not to Breed?";

"Cheap renewables to keep pushing power bills down, even after Liddell exit";

"COP26: Commitments and Policies";

"Buttigieg: Families who buy electric vehicles 'never have to worry about gas prices again'";

"Australia accused of trying to block Unesco process that could put Great Barrier Reef in danger list":

"‘Confronting’: Great Barrier Reef faces frequent extreme coral bleaching at 2C heating, research finds";

"Climate change has driven farmers to despair and all we get is callous disregard";

"A community of mental health professionals who educate climate-aware therapists and inform the public about the mental health impacts of climate change";

"Ten ways to confront the climate crisis without losing hope";

"Nissan to invest £13bn on speeding switch to electric cars";

"Battery power: five innovations for cleaner, greener electric vehicles";

"Annual Conference Postponed to December";

"Emissions rise 2% in Australia amid increased pollution from electricity and transport";

"CSIRO in race with Dutch corporate giant DSM to get low emissions cattle feed to market";

"Civil Disobedience and Climate Politics";

"A Willfully Misunderstood Earmark Can Help Reduce Climate-Change Heat Deaths";

"Australia Climate Factsheets - Vehicle Emissions";

"Rain to replace snow in the Arctic as climate heats, study finds";

"Native forest worth more than logs: report";

"Carbon emissions down on the back of COVID";

"Sweden’s flight-free movement: how views about holiday air travel are changing";

"More than 200 Australian birds are now threatened with extinction – and climate change is the biggest danger";

"Climate activism has gone digital and disruptive, and it’s finally facing up to racism within the movement";

"Breathtaking wilderness in the heart of coal country: after a 90-year campaign, Gardens of Stone is finally protected";

"The US Clean Energy Transition Isn’t Equitable — But it Could Be";

"G20 Economies Have Tools for Green Recovery — They Just Aren’t Using Them Yet";

"To Turn the Tide on Ocean Health, A Collaborative Data Platform Can Help";

"The best thing my mentor ever taught me";

"On mentorship: Climate leaders in conversation";

"Climate change is making one of the world's strongest currents flow faster";

"A powerful and underappreciated ally in the climate crisis? Fungi";

"These Australian Coal Mines Are Methane Super-Emitters";

"One in six Australian birds are now threatened, landmark action plan finds";

"Buzz off: David Attenborough intervenes after Adelaide shopping centre bee plaque misquotes him";

"Seven municipalities in Costa Rica put an end to all fossil fuel exploitation";

"Engie and Macquarie to fund 150MW big battery at Hazelwood";

"Wildfires are erasing Western forests. Climate change is making it permanent".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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