March 14, 2022

Quick Climate Links: Regenerating Australia prompts discussion about the value and importance of independent politicians

Quick Climate Links: Regenerating Australia prompts discussion about the value and importance of independent politicians

The recent screening of Damon Gameau's film, "Regenerating Australia" in Shepparton attracted nearly 50 people and ignited a thoughtful conversation about the value and importance of independent candidates in the coming Federal Election.

The independent member for the State seat of Shepparton, Suzanna Sheed (pictured), was on a panel immediately following the screening and so was able to talk with authority about the value and importance of independent politicians.

The ABC's weatherman, Nate Burn, has given sound advice about how to prepare for and cope with both heatwaves and floods.

Listen to the Full Story and you will hear - "Are flood-affected communities getting the help they need?"

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"‘The LNP are feeling threatened’: the growing ambition of independents challenging Coalition MPs";

"‘We Could Lose It All’: BP’s Bet on Russia Was Always a Gamble";

"Canberra wine region adds drones to climate battle arsenal";

"Really worth a crack’: bringing Tasmania’s giant kelp forests back from the brink"";

"France Cares About Green Causes, but Not Its Green Party";

"Paralympians fear for future of winter sports as climate change takes hold";

"Your independent voice for Mackellar!";

"Recycle like our planet depends on it";

"Sukkar escalates row over pace of disaster response";

"Anxious nation: Eco-grief takes hold as ‘code red for humanity’ hits home";

"Satellite images show NSW floods transform Woodburn in Northern Rivers from sea of green to sea of mud";

"California’s Ambitious High-Speed Rail at a Crossroads";

"Emergency chiefs slam Coalition’s ‘fumbling’ response to floods, claiming they were warned of a potential crisis";

"Research shows voters favour financial relief after disasters, but we need climate action too";

"After the floods, the distressing but necessary case for managed retreat";

"Kelp won’t help: why seaweed may not be a silver bullet for carbon storage after all";

"Morrison government blasted for 'bungling' eastern Australian flood disaster after refusing to heed warnings";

"Sun Cable’s giant Northern Territory solar project gets $210m funding boost";

"Ban Ki-moon warns UK against fracking as world stands at ‘dangerous’ point";

"Tens of thousands march for the climate in France";

"Three things we get wrong about agricultural emissions";

"Why coal is an each-way bet for a government that both backs and undermines it ahead of federal election";

"In Queensland’s food bowl, farmers fear the gas bores from next door";

"Flood disaster response is Black Summer all over again, ex-fire and emergency chiefs say";

"Can these high profile independents running in safe Liberal electorates live up to the hype?";

"Billionaire-backed Sun Cable’s power link edges ‘one step closer";

"Blaming the states for national policy failures won’t wash".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".






















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