Nov. 12, 2021

Quick Climate Links: 'Prove us wrong': Vanessa Nakate; big business greenwash; climate anxiety; atmosphere of fear

Quick Climate Links: 'Prove us wrong': Vanessa Nakate; big business greenwash; climate anxiety; atmosphere of fear

Patrick Harvie (pictured) was one of several speakers at a COP26 event organized by the World Resources Institute set up to discuss "How open government principles help deliver climate action".

Patrick is the Minister for Zero Carbon Building, Active Travel and Tenants' Rights in the Scottish Parliament.

Mining magnate and hydrogen enthusiast, "Andrew Forrest tells the fossil fuel industry 'the party is over".

Joining a session from the Climate Hub, organized by The New York Times, former U.S. vice president and the man behind "The Climate Reality Project", Al Gore talked about the importance of data in combatting climate change at an event entitled: "The data we need: Enabling climate solutions".

Ugandan climate activist, Vanessa Nakate called on those at COP26 to "prove us wrong".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"How does Australia's CO2 emissions per capita compare to the rest of the world?";

"US and China reach agreement to tackle climate";

"Give a bike, change a life";

"Trust Is Hard to Find at the U.N. Climate Summit in Glasgow";

"Decarbonizing industry by 2050";

"COP26 climate summit draft may be ‘a rude shock’ for PM Scott Morrison";

"Central Melbourne could generate three-quarters of its power from solar panels, study suggests";

"'Our leaders are failing us': Draft of final COP26 agreement criticised as 'empty words'";

"Wet start to November to continue in Central Australia and the Barkly";

"Motorist clings to tree for hours after car swept into Alice Springs' Todd River";

"Cop26 draft calls for tougher emissions pledges by next year, phase out of fossil fuels";

"Take heart at what’s unfolded at COP26 in Glasgow – the world can still hold global heating to 1.5℃";

"Yes, young people are concerned about climate change. But it can drive them to take action";

"The fate of our planet depends on the next few days of complex diplomacy in Glasgow. Here’s what needs to go right";

"Why the Australian government must listen to Torres Strait leaders on climate change";

"Matt Kean trolls Scott Morrison on EVs, but Labor considers backing carbon capture plan";

"The New York Times Debate: Migration Is a Sound Adaptation and Reparations Strategy";

"‘Another lie’: Morrison’s ‘mad claims’ on EVs have Labor outraged";

"China and the US announce plan to work together on cutting emissions";

"Indigenous activists are united in a cause and are making themselves heard at COP26";

"Cop26 draft criticised for lack of financial help for vulnerable countries";

"Depression-era program left some New England communities more vulnerable to sea-level rise";

"Frustrations over voices unrepresented in formal COP26 talks";

"What the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill means for climate change";

"The climate fight hits cities";

"Cop26: world on track for disastrous heating of more than 2.4C, says key report";

"Scientists pour cold water on Bill Gates' nuclear plans";

"Electrify: An Optimist’s Playbook for Our Clean Energy Future";

"Canada spent $18B on financial supports for the fossil fuel industry last year: report";

"Car firms agree at Cop26 to end sale of fossil fuel vehicles by 2040";

"Do Angus Taylor’s carbon capture and storage claims stack up?";

"WA Vaccine Commander heads to the Pilbara to help lift nation's lowest vaccination rate";

"Net-zero by 2050 achievable but a lack of cold hard cash is holding Australia back";

"E – Economic Scarcity";

"‘Existential crisis’: United States and China stun COP26 with joint climate change pact";

"Audacity of hype: Scott Morrison is betting voters will settle for plans over performance";

"COP 26 climate pledges remain 'hollow' without fossil fuel phase out, UN chief says";

"Fossil fuels vs renewables: Where the world's top 20 emitters stand";

"COP26: Temperature fears as climate summit enters final day";

"The COP26 Endgame: What to Watch If You’re Just Tuning In";

"Any less water in Murray-Darling system means ‘Armageddon’ for South Australia, conservationist says";

"Canberra Liberals back faster national emissions cuts";

"The draft COP26 agreement calls for stronger goals, but Australia is already lagging behind";

"Climate change: NZ to issue 'green bonds' to help decarbonise";

"‘Try harder. Try harder’: Today, COP26 negotiators will fight to save life on Earth. The next decade will reveal if they succeeded";

"Grattan on Friday: Scott Morrison has a bingle or two on the campaign trail";

"‘The Australian way’: how Morrison trashed brand Australia at COP26";

"Vital Signs: Marketing is getting in the way of markets that could get us to net-zero";

"Ten years to 1.5°C: how climate anxiety is affecting young people around the world – podcast";

"Big-business greenwash or a climate saviour? Carbon offsets raise tricky moral questions";

"COP26: cities create over 70% of energy-related emissions. Here’s what must change";

"Politics with Michelle Grattan: Chris Bowen says Labor’s climate policy will be ‘realistic and ambitious";

"Policing of Net-Zero Claims to Take Shape in 2022, UN Chief Says";

"China Resists COP26 Push to End Coal as Energy Security Prevails";

"Climate Trace";

"We need more female leaders in the fight against climate change";

"Failing to plan for climate refugees hands a cheap victory to the far right";

"Cop26 – a tragedy in two acts where the rich nations knife poor countries in the back";

"Ocean Infinity to Deliver a Zero-Emissions Marine Propulsion System";

"US-China deal on emissions welcomed by global figures and climate experts";

"Why it's so hard to electrify shipping and aviation";

"Cop26 police tactics creating atmosphere of fear, protesters say";

"Low-carbon aviation fuels are on the horizon. But for now, activists say we need to stay grounded";

"What to Watch on Thursday at COP26";

"Disaster-resilient New Orleans apartment complex is also affordable";

"China-U.S. Climate Pact Puts Massive Methane Leaks in Crosshairs";

"Forrest promises to convert first ship to green ammonia within a year";

"Deforestation in Australia: a wanton assault on wildlife – in pictures";

"Rooftop solar smashes output records in all Australian states";

"Chevron’s five years of Gorgon carbon storage failure could cost $230 million".

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