Oct. 27, 2021

Quick Climate Links: PM and Angus Taylor 'plan' to take Australia to the back of the pack

Quick Climate Links: PM and Angus Taylor 'plan' to take Australia to the back of the pack

PM Scott Morrison (pictured) and his Energy and Emission Reductions Minister, Angus Taylor, have a plan, yes a plan to do nothing and take Australia to the back of the pack.

Their plan to take Australia to net-zero by 2050 was loaded with hollow rhetoric and little detail and so no hint of action.

Here are today's Quick Climate Links:

"Net-zero by 2050 plan ‘uniquely Australian’: Morrison";

"‘A con’: Malcolm Turnbull blasts key part of government’s net-zero plan";

"If all 2030 climate targets are met, the planet will heat by 2.7℃ this century. That’s not OK";

"View from The Hill: Morrison’s net-zero plan is built more on politics than detailed policy";

"Australia’s clean hydrogen revolution is a path to prosperity – but it must be powered by renewable energy";

"Between the lines, Morrison’s plan has coal on the way out, with the future bright";

"Government promises to cut emissions to reach net-zero by 2050 under new climate change plan";

"COP26: Campaigners seek ‘Real Zero’ in place of ‘Net Zero’ Emissions";

"Net-zero plan ‘right thing to do’, but few details or modelling";

"Climate crisis: economists ‘grossly undervalue young lives’, warns Stern";

"“Net-zero 2050”: A dangerous illusion";

"What the heck is COP26 – and why should I care?";

"What is COP26 and why is it so important?"

"Net-zero by 2050 plan ‘uniquely Australian’: Morrison";

"Morrison delivered the pledge voters wanted but not the plan they needed";

"An effluent tide awaits Cop26 guests. They should see the state of our rivers, too";

"I chaired Cop21 when we delivered the Paris agreement. We must go further in Glasgow";

"Revealed: 60% of Americans say oil firms are to blame for the climate crisis";

"Long read: How past climates hold secrets for our future";

"Australia Sets Net-Zero Goal But Sees Future for Fossil Fuels";

"Weather whiplash in California: extreme rains pound regions under exceptional drought";

"Coalition support weakened by Nationals’ climate policy disagreement";

"Billions more in spending to come on PM’s road to net-zero";

"Australians willing to pay for climate action, but say government not doing fair share";

"How much do marine heatwaves cost? The economic losses amount to billions and billions of dollars";

"Politics with Michelle Grattan: Scott Morrison’s (thin) climate plan for Glasgow";

"Morrison’s climate plan has 35% 2030 emissions reduction ‘projection’ but modelling underpinning 2050 target yet to be released";

"Boris Johnson hails Scott Morrison’s ‘heroic’ net-zero policy";

"Economists warn against the $20b technology bet at heart of net-zero policy";

"Taxes, rabbits and blank pages – no costed plan to net-zero yet";

"Torres Strait leaders sue federal government over climate change";

"Are Australia’s emissions reduction commitments to COP26 a copout?";

"Net zero-sum game: Morrison’s tech-based plan emits hope but lacks detail".

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