Feb. 3, 2022

Quick Climate Links: Outrage and Optimism; A process that puts ethics back into economics; Kakadu costs 'blowout'

Quick Climate Links: Outrage and Optimism; A process that puts ethics back into economics; Kakadu costs 'blowout'

The podcast "Outrage and Optimism" is most certainly worth a listen.

The prevailing economic system is at the root of the world's climate difficulties as it celebrates individualism and in many instances is devoid of ethics and it was just today that I stumbled upon a webinar organized by the Friedberg Economics Institute.

The webinar wasn't about the climate crisis, but Professor Guy Standing, a prolific author from the University of London, discussed the Universal Basic Income (UBI), and it is a process that counters the damaging existing economics.

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"On the attribution of the impacts of extreme weather events to anthropogenic climate change";

"We Live on a Factory Planet: But it doesn’t have to be that way";

"Forget coal and gas for prosperity: poll";

"Brisbane firm to trial new tech to manage grid voltages and boost solar penetration";

"Solving Climate Change Requires A New Social Contract";

"COP President Alok Sharma outlines Presidency aims for the coming year";

"Homeless people die in large numbers as northern India suffers coldest January in a decade";

"Mining company says federal loan for SA graphite project will benefit electric car development";

"Infographic: How wetlands can help fight climate change";

"Fortescue full steam ahead on green hydrogen venture";

"The frog and the gecko: why tropical species are at greater climate risk";

"Japan wants to burn ammonia for clean energy – but it may be a pyrrhic victory for the climate";

"Voters in coal and gas heartlands are ready to cash in on a clean energy future";

"Customers in Texas Paid More For Deregulated Electricity";

"Named: The oil companies gambling on climate failure";

"The Rise of Greenflation";

"Could small nuclear reactors help protect the climate?";

"Winter sports feeling the heat of warming atmosphere";

"Wireless Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Systems Market Worth $827.03 Million by 2027";

"Cost to rehabilitate Kakadu uranium mine site could blow out by $1.2bn";

"Does Labor’s green hydrogen plan for the Kurri Kurri gas power plant stack up?";

"Monsoon system wreaking havoc across Australia leaves towns cut off and roads flooded";

"Jessica Hernández, the Indigenous scientist who dares to criticize Western environmentalism".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".


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