April 20, 2022

Quick Climate Links: Our pollies 'just don't get it'; Democracy will help ease climate change and climate change can save democracy

Quick Climate Links: Our pollies 'just don't get it'; Democracy will help ease climate change and climate change can save democracy

Our pollies (the Australian PM Scott Morrison shown here in a mural) seem to be oblivious to the reality that is climate change and that is leading to Australia's climate change isolation - "‘Climate laggards’: Australian isolationism puts us on par with Saudi Arabia".

And it's: "Saving Democracy to Save Climate. Saving Climate To Save Democracy".

"The climate clock: What’s the world’s carbon budget and what’s Australia’s share?";

"People of color disproportionately lost power during 2021 Texas freeze";

"Nearly two years after Hurricane Laura, Louisiana Gulf Coast is still recovering";

"Gaslighting Australia";

"Climate wars enter election campaign — and Scott Morrison, Angus Taylor rely on old tactics";

"The Coalition-News Corp attack on Labor’s energy policy is all too familiar";

"South Korean financier pauses loan for multi-billion dollar Barossa gas project";

"Coalition spending on fossil fuel subsidies tops $1.3 billion in first week of campaign";

"Australia Begins Long Road to Retraining Thousands of Coal Workers for Clean Energy Roles";

"New approach could save urban koalas";

"Hollywood missing the drama in climate change, group says";

"6 ways to build resilience and hope into young people’s learning about climate change";

"Poems to celebrate Earth Day 2022, selected by Independent climate and environment writers";

"Older Australians on the tough choices they face as energy costs set to increase";

"Heroes of the Fourth Turning: how theatre can serve as a mode of inquiry into right wing ideas";

"Hold firm on timing of tougher home insulation rules, Govt urged";

"Condor and the Eagle";

"China Sets Aside Push to Spread Wealth in Pivotal Year for Xi";

"Global Energy Review: CO2 Emissions in 2021";

"Analysis: What does China’s coal push mean for its climate goals?";

"The Ukraine Crisis Offers a Rare Chance for Energy and Climate Cooperation";

"When Women Lead";

"‘Truth Has Nothing to Do With Who Wins the Argument’: New Details on Big Oil’s Campaign to Defeat Climate Action";

"Abundance, Exploitation, Recovery: A Portrait of South Georgia";

"Biofuels are accelerating the food crisis — and the climate crisis, too";

"Honest debates about fossil fuels in the energy transition";

"The complications of 3D printing in the energy industry";

"Overhaul on offshore gas mega-projects could reap almost $90bn in decade";

"Labor accuses Angus Taylor of ‘desperate’ climate scare campaign over energy claims";

"Extinction Rebellion Takes to NYC’s Streets to Fight Climate Change";

"Rolls-Royce expects UK approval for small nuclear reactors by mid-2024";

"Kiss and tell: How Timothee Chalamet’s kiss got us talking about climate change".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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