Sept. 30, 2021

Quick Climate Links: New climate narrative, industry infiltrates schools, Australia can't stay idle

Quick Climate Links: New climate narrative, industry infiltrates schools, Australia can't stay idle

First, today is from Mary Annaïse Heglar (pictured) we have: “The Fight for Climate Justice Requires a New Narrative”;

Two stories from Gizmodo:

The Real Deal About Corporations' Climate Plans”;

The ABCs of Big Oil: Why the Fossil Fuel Industry Infiltrated Schools”;

From The New Republic: “The Whole World Is on the Ballot”;

Now we have six stories from The Guardian:

Can China help end the world’s addiction to coal?”;

The climate crisis has sparked an economic arms race – and Australia cannot afford to stay idle”;

Emission pledges by states put extra pressure on Scott Morrison to lift national climate goals”;

How do we avoid an expensive winter? Take energy back into public ownership”;

Record $5bn donation to protect nature could herald new green era of giving”;

UK will be ‘very disappointed’ if Scott Morrison not at Cop26 climate talks”;

Two stories from ABC News: 

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg publicly backs net-zero by 2050 target, as government inches towards commitment”;

Crowdfunded billboards at world climate conference to take aim at the Australian government”;

Now it’s six stories from The Melbourne Age:

No, the UK’s energy woes have not really been caused by net-zero”;

Nerves of steel: BHP board waits for shareholder vote on emissions”;

Climate change does not have a postcode, Treasurer Frydenberg says”;

Angus Taylor says carbon offsets will be key to world meeting targets”;

“Taylor challenges leading economies for more transparency on climate targets”;

Renewables tipped to overtake fossil fuels by 2030”;

MichaelWestMedia gives us two stories:

What will the donors think? Liberal/Labor refuse to act without nod from Big Gas”;

“Voices Of” ignites 30 independent movements across Australia”;

Emergency Leaders for Climate Action give readers the “Accountability Tracker”;

Sign a petition “against fracking in the Northern Territory”;

From The New York Times: “Protected Too Late: U.S. Officials Report More Than 20 Extinctions”;

A brace of stories from RenewEconomy:

“NSW plans to transition biggest coal state into renewable energy superpower”;

Turnbull challenges Morrison to go to Glasgow: “History is made by those who turn up””;

NSW will halve emissions in a decade, by doing the things Morrison refuses to do”;

From The New Daily: “‘Sick of making jokes’: Dan Ilic on his campaign to shame Australia at COP26”;

And from Climate Conscious it’s: “Climate Change CAN Be Stopped With C.H.A.N.G.E.”;

The Hill tells readers: “Local leadership must be on the front lines of the climate fight”;

Again from Medium, readers learn: “The End Is Nigh — Can Collapse Be Avoided?”;

Although The Newcastle Herald is behind a paywall, readers get the essence of the story from the headline: “Regional city well-placed to benefit from $250 million carbon capture program”;

Reuters tells readers: “Young activists table proposals for Glasgow climate talks”;

Next, we have two stories from The Conversation:

No, Barnaby. The UK energy crisis has nothing to do with its net-zero target, and to suggest otherwise is outrageous”;

Australia’s threatened species protections are being rewritten. But what’s really needed is money and legal teeth”;

From The New Republic: “75 Percent of Young People Are Frightened by the Future. That’s the Only Sane Reaction to Climate Change”;

And it’s three stories from The New York Times: 

Humans Are Speeding Extinction and Altering the Natural World at an ‘Unprecedented’ Pace”;

A low-carbon economy is cheaper than the costs of climate change, a report says”;

Biden Administration Makes First Major Move to Regulate Greenhouse Gases”;

Another story from The Guardian: “‘Green growth’ doesn’t exist – less of everything is the only way to avert catastrophe”;

From Inside Climate News: “In Baltimore Schools, Cutting Food Waste as a Lesson in Climate Awareness and Environmental Literacy”;

And finally, from the Green European Journal: “Norway’s “Climate Election” Is a Warning for the Rest of Europe”.

Enjoy “Music for a Warming World”.

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