Sept. 24, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Net-zero, 'Do not walk away', 'Grow up', shift on climate, 'Help me, help Eart'

Quick Climate Links: Net-zero, 'Do not walk away', 'Grow up', shift on climate, 'Help me, help Eart'

Energy Action’s Tim Smith and the Energy Efficiency Council’s Holly Taylor discuss how every Australian business can lead the change to active energy management leading energy and emission savings at least cost.

Visit: “Building the Case for Change: How You can Lead your Business Towards Net Zero at Least Cost”.

Ernesto’s Manifesto from The Shepparton News tells readers: “Nero Fiddled Too”;

Two stories from Climate for Change: 

Download the Climate Conversation Guide”;

Train with us”;

From the Overview Effect with James Perrin: “David Holmgren sees a resilient future”;

RenewEconomy tells readers: “Sun Cable: World’s biggest solar and battery project expands again, gets Indonesia approval”;

From The Driven: “Matt Kean: We need to have electric car sales only by 2035”;

Three stories from The Guardian: 

Boris Johnson tells UN that Cop26 must be ‘turning point for humanity’”;

Josh Frydenberg to make case for net-zero, saying Australia can’t risk being seen as a climate change pariah”;

“‘No time to lose’: Italian ambassador urges Australia to commit to net-zero before Cop26”;

From Foundations for Tomorrow readers hear about: “Awareness to Action”;

Lighter Footprints has a webinar coming up next month: “Going it alone! What States can do for Climate Action”;

And from the BBC: “Climate change: Young people very worried - survey”;

Advice from the Australian Conservation Foundation: “Climate conversations toolkit: engaging people in climate action”;

Eliza asks people to: “Help me, help Earth”;

Three stories from Yale Climate Connections: 

Climate change is increasing Lyme disease risk in New England”;

Making up for what you might have missed from IPCC’s latest report”;

Fact check: No, the glaciers are not growing in Glacier National Park”;

Achieving Net Zero” - farming’s 2040 goal;

From Bloomberg Green: “China Bailing on Overseas Coal Should Be a Boon for Renewables”;

And the World Resources Institute: “Allied for Climate Transformation By 2025 (ACT2025)”;

Readers discover in The Los Angeles Times: “Imagine no Joshua trees in Joshua Tree National Park”;

Two stories from The Conversation:

Grattan on Friday: After the deal on security, Scott Morrison turns to the shift on climate”;

Have climate change predictions matched reality? Podcast”;

From The New York Times Climate Hub: “Netting Zero | Transport and Logistics for a Post-Covid, Net-Zero World”;

And from The New Daily: “‘Do not walk away’: Treasurer’s pitch to protect mining industry on road to net zero”;

Again, from The New Daily: “Michael Pascoe: Independents v Liberal Party – Destroying the village to save it?”;

Telling it like it is on The New Daily: “Richard Denniss: Australia’s carbon credits are a joke. Taxpayer money is being wasted on ‘hot air”;

And from SBS News: “Boris Johnson tells humanity to 'grow up' to tackle climate change”;

Friends of the Earth says: “Take Action: No new coal power station in QLD!”;

From Climate Conscious: “Why COP26 Will Fail to Protect Our Climate”;

Although it’s behind a paywall, we can see on the Financial Review: “EnergyAustralia to quit coal early as reforms hang in balance”;

ABC News tells us: “Massive NT solar farm a step closer as Sun Cable dramatically increases its capacity”;

Two stories from Yes!:

Don’t Tell Me to Despair About the Climate: Hope Is a Right We Must Protect”;

“To Survive Climate Catastrophe, Look to Queer and Disabled Folks”;

From RenewEconomy: “Morrison and Joyce need to follow the trillions shifting to zero emissions”;

And finally from TeenVogue: “Big Banks Are Funding Fossil Fuel Projects — Let’s Hold Them Accountable”.

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