Nov. 9, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Middle-aged white men responsible for climate crisis

Quick Climate Links: Middle-aged white men responsible for climate crisis

Former U.S. President, Barack Obama (pictured) was among the speakers at COP26 in Glasgow and pleaded with those concerned about the climate crisis to persevere.

RN Breakfast host, Hamish Macdonald, interviewed Australia's Resources Minister, Keith Pitt, who said Australia would be selling coal for decades.

Climate Conversations has long argued that it is women and girls who are at the forefront of the climate effort, both locally and at an international level and it's white, middle-aged men who are responsible for the crisis.

Today's Quick Climate Links are:

"Obama, in Climate Speech Focused on Youth, Has Words for Republicans, Too.";

"The Power of Knowledge: Girls’ Education as an Accelerator of Climate Action";

"Which side of history will the Morrison government be on when Glasgow is over?";

"Saul Griffith, PhD - Inventor, entrepreneur, founder and Chief Scientist of Otherlab and Rewiring America, author of Electrify: An Optimist's Playbook for Our Clean Energy Future";

"From Chile and Taiwan via Glasgow, youth call for climate justice";

"COP26: Canada announces $1bn in funding for nature protection";

"Climate change: Group walks 5km to sensitise Kaduna community";

"Climate scientists: concept of net-zero is a dangerous trap";

"Protestors Expose the Stark Reality of Climate Progress at COP26";

"'Too early' to assess accomplishments of Cop26, warn experts";

"Australian bushfire survivors and firefighters plead for urgent climate action at COP26";

"Australia’s emissions from land clearing likely far higher than claimed, analysis indicates";

"Australia vows to sell coal 'for decades'";

"COP26: Fossil fuel industry has largest delegation at climate summit";

"Australia to face growing international pressure to improve 2030 emissions target";

"Government commits to expanding electric vehicle charging stations but no subsidies to increase uptake";

"Grid upgrades, infrastructure rollout planned to handle electric car surge";

"Obama fears failure and urges passion in Glasgow speech";

"Glasgow ‘ratchet mechanism’ could put more pressure on Australia";

"Australia reaches 3 million households with rooftop solar";

"Rural leaders demand details from Nationals over net-zero deal";

"‘If they die, we all die’: Drought kills in Kenya";

"Keith Pitt: Australia will keep selling coal for as long as the world keeps buying it";

"Australia is vulnerable as the world cleans up its ‘dirty’ metals";

"BHP sells Australian coking coal mines to Stanmore Resources in $US1.2b deal".

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