Nov. 13, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Meet the 'inactivists'; 'Pure spin" allows gas industry to grow; half-time in Humanity v the Climate

Quick Climate Links: Meet the 'inactivists'; 'Pure spin" allows gas industry to grow; half-time in Humanity v the Climate

Professor Micheal Mann (pictured) is famous for his renowned "hockey stick" that gave a near-perfect image of what is happening with regard to the climate crisis.

The American professor has been watching closely what has been happening at COP26 in Glasgow and has said pledges given so far have been encouraging and all that was needed now was for countries to "walk their talk".

Professor Tim Flannery is currently in Glasgow as was one of the guests in an event staged by Conversation at the Crossroads, "Can Climate Catastrophe be Averted".

With a new electric vehicles strategy and more money for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Scott Morrison would appear to be announcing policies to help the nation reach its net-zero emissions goal by 2050. But do these policies represent a true change of heart for the Coalition, or are they just pamphlets with little action attached? Check out a podcast from The Guardian - "Scott Morrison’s hollow climate campaigning".

Günter Hermeyer from the Nuclear Information and Resource Service was at the climate summit in Glasgow, and told the Australian Conservation Foundation that  "It is very important to look at the whole story". Nuclear power is a dangerous distraction from real climate solutions that are ready to take off in Australia like clean energy from the sun and wind. 

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

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"Cop26 targets too weak to stop disaster, say Paris agreement architects";

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"A space is opening to discuss oil and gas exit at Cop26. Lobbyists are pushing back";

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"Scotland breaks loss and damage “taboo”, raising hopes others will follow";

"Three decisions governments must make to solve the nature and climate emergencies";

"Coalition to turn adaptation research into action launches at Cop26 climate talks";

"Court Dismisses Legal Challenge to Narrabri Gas Project Approval";

"Bylong Community Heads to High Court as KEPCO Seeks Coal Mine Appeal";

"Federal Court Hearing on $21 million Beetaloo Gas Grants";

"Explainer: Clearing the Way for More Clearing – Updated Rules for Vegetation Clearing in NSW";

"COP26: Denmark and Costa Rica launch ambitious alliance to phase out oil and gas";

"Australia shown to have highest greenhouse gas emissions from coal in world on per capita basis";

"Climate justice";

"Fact Check-'Hockey Stick' graph of rising global temperatures is accurate depiction of climate change";

"The man behind Scott Morrison’s climate panic";

"‘Literally sinking’: Drowning nations plead for their lives as COP26 deal is watered down";

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"Three Modes of Thinking about Climate Change and Grand

"Climate Change and Geopolitics Workshop";

"It’s half-time in Humanity v Climate Crisis, and Boris Johnson is our captain";

"Artists must confront the climate crisis – we must write as if these are the last days";

"Thinking of buying an electric car? Here’s what you need to know about models, costs and rebates";

"How can Britain cut emissions when the Tory party fetishises travel?";

"Morrison to link $500 million for new technologies to easing way for carbon capture and storage";

"Supreme Court to weigh EPA authority to regulate greenhouse pollutants";

"Tree pollen season in California’s Bay Area is getting half a week longer each year";

"The cow in the room: why is no one talking about farming at Cop26?";

"UN climate talks drift into overtime in push to save 1.5 Celsius goal";

"Analysis: As countries wrangle over climate pledges, how enforceable are they?";

"Cop26 reveals limits of Biden’s promise to ‘lead by example’ on climate crisis";

"Joe Manchin, This Is What We Can’t Afford";

"Top five climate commitments made at COP26";

"Four new green ways to heat homes";

"Colorado program gives new life to old solar panels";

"Cop26: world on track for disastrous heating of more than 2.4C, says key report";

"Antihero to zero: VW rises from ‘dieselgate’ to lead charge on electric vehicles";

"Warnings to Action: Mobilising Humanity";

"Upbeat Scott Morrison calls on businesses to step up to the climate challenge";

"This is not economic modelling on net-zero, it’s adjacent to it";

"Coal industry halved by 2050 but greater costs avoided under net-zero plan";

"Campaigning PM believes he’s found a miraculous middle ground";

"Ties with China are key in reaching global goals";

"The PM’s ‘can-do’ climate capitalism won’t work without a price on carbon";

"‘Vindicated’ Tim Flannery unfazed by climate change critics";

"Australia, an embarrassing handbrake on COP’s nobler ambitions";

"Backed by Climate 200’s $3.6m war chest, independent challengers circle Coalition seats";

"A look at the Coalition's love-hate relationship with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation – video";

"Scott Morrison is hiding behind future technologies, when we should just deploy what already exists";

"Who Has The Most Historical Responsibility for Climate Change?";

"Conversations that Matter public launch";

"Pressure mounts on countries to strike Cop26 deal as talks pass deadline";

"Final wording on COP26 agreement unclear as climate talks run over time";

"“Let’s Electrify Melbourne”';

"Scott Morrison now shares the same ambition on emissions reduction as Queensland's Labor government. Here's why that's awkward";

"COP26: Nicola Sturgeon hailed as the 'true leader' at climate summit";

"Climate reparations become a crunch issue as Cop26 goes into overtime";

"‘Nature-based solutions’ prove divisive at Glasgow climate talks".

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