Feb. 28, 2022

Quick Climate Links: Lismore floods; UNSW Centre for Ideas; Weather emergency updates

Quick Climate Links: Lismore floods; UNSW Centre for Ideas; Weather emergency updates

The mayor of Lismore Shire, Steve Kreig, was interviewed by Patricia Karvelas on RN Breakfast this morning in a discussion about "Northern NSW braces for intensifying flood crisis".

The University of New South Wales has a wonderful podcast covering a host of interesting and fascinating ideas, and you can access them here: "UNSW Centre for Ideas Podcast".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"South-east Queensland weather emergency live updates: Fears for people missing in floodwaters as Brisbane River peaks, record water level reached in Lismore";

"Zali Steggall, MP  Climate Leadership Forum";

"Ireland Looks to Pass Media Law Pushing Climate Change Propaganda";

"Economics: How An Intelligent Society Would Deal With Climate Change";

"Breaking up: ice loss is changing one Anishinaabe fisherman’s relationship with Lake Superior";

"Evacuation orders amid deadly Qld, NSW floods";

"Life-threatening floods forecast for Queensland as Sydney records wettest summer in 30 years";

"U.S. Oil Industry Uses Ukraine Invasion to Push for More Drilling at Home";

"Humpback whales removed from Australia’s threatened species list but feeding grounds still at risk";

"Very hungry bear ‘Hank the Tank’ is in fact three bears, DNA shows";

"The Saboteurs" - George Monbiot;

"Climate change drives rise in extreme lake water temperatures";

"Vatican launches online platform to help Catholics fight climate change";

"UK Government announces funding to ensure households cut costs while reaching climate targets";

"Climate change is intensifying Earth’s water cycle at twice the predicted rate, research shows";

"Pitt re-issues government millions to Beetaloo gas projects after court slap down";

"One way to combat Russia? Move faster on clean energy";

"Access to green energy is shipping's greatest challenge";

"Electricity 4.0 'fastest route to net-zero and carbon free'";

"Eurocell shortlists three countries for European Gigafactory";

"‘A very anxious night’: City under siege as south-east flood crisis deepens";

"Poorest areas of England have less than third of garden space enjoyed by richest";

"Orange Book 2022: Policy priorities for the federal government";

"UN report warns climate change could spur 50% more wildfires by 2100";

"Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Lowest Level Since 1970s";

"Republicans Respond to World-Historical Drought by Propping Up Fossil Fuels";

"America’s largest inland port is running out of water";

"The Case for Good News in Climate Coverage";

"Panama Enacts a Rights of Nature Law, Guaranteeing the Natural World’s ‘Right to Exist, Persist and Regenerate’";

"In this age of climate crisis, humanitarians need to learn to love tech";

"'Unrelenting' Queensland flood emergency claims another life as state braces for more heavy rain";

"Like rivers in the sky: the weather system bringing floods to Queensland will become more likely under climate change";

"1 in 5 fossil fuel projects overshoot their original estimations for emissions. Why are there such significant errors?";

"Will Russia’s invasion of Ukraine push Europe towards energy independence and faster decarbonisation?";

"AGL said no to a $5 billion bid, but it isn’t over – here’s how takeover bids work";

"10 Steps to Personal Resilience & Empowerment in a Chaotic Climate";

"The Canadian Government Is Funding A Researcher Who Spent Years Denying Climate Science";

"‘It’s not rocket science’: how the world’s fastest parrot could be saved";

"Eighth death confirmed in Queensland floods but missing Goodna man found alive";

"Lismore flood emergency sees people stranded on roofs, evacuation warning issued for entire NSW Northern Rivers";

"Lismore flood: hundreds rescued and thousands evacuated as NSW city hit by worst flooding in history";

"Flood trauma resurfaces from 2011 as Lockyer Valley couple escape with their lives – again";

"Thinktank linked to tech giant Canon under pressure to remove ‘dangerous’ climate articles";

"Floods in south-east Queensland and northern NSW: what has happened and which areas could be hit next";

"Emergency services struggle as ‘life-threatening’ flood crisis worsens";

"AR6 Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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