Nov. 29, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Learning about community energy; deeper into climate shame; road romance

Quick Climate Links: Learning about community energy; deeper into climate shame; road romance

Patagonia has put together a three-part series about the climate with Lucy Siegle telling the story via a podcast to energise the planet and people.

Meanwhile, The Guardian reports on a move by Australia's Federal Government which has even deepened the country's climate shame in the story "‘Vandals’: Victoria, Queensland fume over federal climate intervention".

Australia's States and Territories have been frustrated by newly invoked Federal Government policy that prohibits them from joining the "under 2 degrees" climate group.

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"The Federal Government's new foreign relations laws have passed Parliament. Here's what that means";

"State to host biggest wind farm in southern hemisphere as turbines win final approval";

"Succession’s plot twist prompts surge of interest in leaving money in wills to Greenpeace";

"Don’t add to e-waste mountain, campaign urges UK shoppers"

"Climate extremists have terrified a generation into not wanting children";

"‘A Trash Heap for Our Children’: How Norilsk, in the Russian Arctic, Became One of the Most Polluted Places on Earth";

"Transparent Solar Windows: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet";

"Easy rider? We’ll miss the roar, but electric motorbikes can’t kill our road romance";

"‘It’s critical’: can Microsoft make good on its climate ambitions?";

"Ministers seek acceleration of water security, access to safely managed sanitation";

"A Mind-Blowing Festival of Ideas";

"Zoe Daniel announced as Independent Candidate for Goldstein";

"Matike Mai Te Hiaroa: Ihumātao and just relationships";

"UBI Pilot in Catalonia";

"I'm a coal miner and I've been in the industry for 40 years. About three years ago, I sort of woke up";

"I work as a schoolteacher in Western Sydney. Here, teaching kids when the weather is getting hotter by degrees is difficult";

"I want action on climate change because things are changing year after year. Our Country's getting hotter, our food less and less each season";

"From 2014 to 2019: How the Adani Group funded its expansion";

"IEEFA: BlackRock has moved rapidly on climate – but Adani exposures remain a major obstacle:

"Council and Community Action in the Climate Emergency";

"Interview: Philip Sutton - a passionate man pushing for a "Climate Rescue'";

"More Americans Than Ever Understand Climate Change Is Real And Harmful";

"Coal activist released from prison with strict bail and curfew";

"What does Shell’s takeover of Powershop mean for green energy?";

"Europe’s Energy Crisis Is About to Get Worse as Winter Arrives";

"Offsetting agricultural emissions through reforestation would cost 15pc of farm profits";

"How global business could be the unexpected COP26 solution to climate change";

"Australia’s Black Summer of fire was not normal – and we can prove it".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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