Feb. 13, 2022

Quick Climate Links: Jeremy Jones - fighting to 'Protect our Winters'

Quick Climate Links: Jeremy Jones - fighting to 'Protect our Winters'

Jeremy Jones (pictured) is a professional snowboarder and the man behind "Protect our Winters", he was interviewed today on the ABC's Radio National - "Is climate change threatening the future of Winter Olympics?"

You can also see and hear Jones in an interview on ABC in the U.S. - "Legendary snowboarder, climate activist: 'I was seeing changes to that snow'".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Green-fingered couple must get planning permission for garden vegetable patch, council orders";

"Blatant Opportunism" - George Monbiot;

"Is post-capitalism post-money?";

"Windfarm off Norfolk coast gets second green light after court battle";

"Working together for Victoria’s environment and future";

"Rep. Ro Khanna Wants Big Oil to Confront Record of Climate Denialism, Meet Emissions Reduction Vows";

"No McKinsey, it will not cost $9 trillion per year to solve climate change.";

"Morrison pins his hopes on the complacency or ignorance of voters";

"Chile’s Green Dream to Reinvent Itself Is Spooking Investors";

"Here’s how to demolish the most common excuses for climate crisis apathy";

"The great climate backslide: How governments are regressing worldwide";

"Can we block the Sun to fight climate change? The controversial science, explained";

"A California Water Board Assures the Public that Oil Wastewater Is Safe for Irrigation, But Experts Say the Evidence Is Scant";

"Is the California Coalition Fighting Subsidies For Rooftop Solar a Fake Grassroots Group?";

"To Counter Global Warming, Focus Far More on Methane, a New Study Recommends";

"Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Includes an Unprecedented $1.1 Billion for Everglades Revitalization";

"It’s Not Just Climate: Are We Ignoring Other Causes of Disasters?".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".




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