Dec. 7, 2021

Quick Climate Links: How much meat do we eat?; culture before coal; plankton moves moutains

Quick Climate Links: How much meat do we eat?; culture before coal; plankton moves moutains

Wangan and Jagalingou Cultural Custodians have been holding an ongoing ceremony at the gates of Adani’s coal mine for more than 100 days now. "We aren't going anywhere", they say.

They believe we should be putting "culture before coal".

The goal of achieving net zero by 2050 was recently discussed on Nightlife on Radio National - "Getting to net Zero".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Severe weather warning for UK as Storm Barra set to arrive on Tuesday";

"Hot news from two billion years ago: plankton actually moved mountains";

"Labor rules out negotiating increase to 2030 climate target to win government";

"Dendrobium coal mine granted State Significant Infrastructure status after deemed critical for Bluescope Port Kembla steelworks";

"Torquay locals pressure council to step up, hold developers accountable for environmental harm";

"Earth is getting a black box to record our climate change actions, and it's already started listening";

"Despite stronger promises, the world is set to overshoot climate targets, UN gap report finds";

"Green spaces, roller-disco to go in plan for new homes on public estate";

"Australian Energy Emissions Monitor December 2021";

"ANU Solar Oration 2021: The Solar Century – renewable energy’s role in a zero carbon future";

 "Coalition commissions modelling of climate impact on health system";

"We need more female leaders in the fight against climate change";

"Interactive: Which countries are leading the way on net-zero?";

"'Can-do capitalism' isn't much help when it comes to buying an EV";

"Labor sets up a clash with the Greens on climate change";

"‘That’s my history’: Qld government won’t investigate Adani works on cultural land";

"'Concerning' levels of heavy metals found in people living near the world's biggest manganese mine";

"Labor rules out boosting 2030 climate target if elected";

"Labor has produced a brilliant renewables plan wrapped up in a terrible climate plan";

"We are professional fire watchers, and we’re astounded by the scale of fires in remote Australia right now";

"Meet the New Climate Refugee in Town: Coyotes";

"Why the Climate Panic About Africa Is Wrong";

"How much meat do we eat? New figures show 6 countries have hit their peak";

"Paris Has a New Plan to Make the Seine Swimmable";

"Why New York Is Unearthing a Brook It Buried a Century Ago";

"Horror at new plan to excavate pristine Fiji reef";

"General Motors to manufacture electric car battery cells in U.S";

"COP26: What happened and what does it mean for farmers?";

"Climate change, COVID-19 and conflict drive 'alarming' rise in aid need";

"Oh, stop it! It’s not a carbon tax and never was";

"Peter Cundall urged environmental activists to ‘never, ever give up’. His spirit will live on";

"Labor appears to be living in either fear or hope over climate policy".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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