Oct. 16, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Have predictions matched reality; wildfire swells; urgent message; Australia among the worst

Quick Climate Links: Have predictions matched reality; wildfire swells; urgent message; Australia among the worst

Quick Climate Links on Climate Conversations opens with a few seconds from a weekly podcast from The Conversation in the UK entitled: "Have climate change predictions matched reality?";

Then we hear from Rob Priestly who is preparing to challenge Damian Drum for the Federal Seat of Nicholls which revolves around Shepparton in northern Victoria.

Other links today:

"California wildfire swells, triggering more evacuations, power shutoffs";

"Regional Liberals praise ‘upside’ of climate action as some Nationals continue scare campaign";

"Can meat grown in a laboratory help save the planet?";

"Opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions exist for all species, in all regions";


"“When We’re Dead and Buried, Our Bones Will Keep Hurting

"Now’s the Moment to Pressure Global Leaders to Step Up Their Climate Game";

"Cheating on the Climate Crisis is worse than denying it!";

"These young Australians have an urgent message for Scott Morrison ahead of COP26";

"Prince William blasts space race billionaires finding 'new place to live' before repairing Earth";

"Andrew Forrest urges Scott Morrison to commit to net-zero even if it means splitting Coalition";

"Ahead of COP26, Australia ranked among worst in G20 on climate action";

"Canadian energy giant advances 2,600MWh pumped hydro project near Bathurst";

"Taiwan tea farmers 'powerless' to changing climate";

"Climate, leadership, jobs: Albo lays out Labor's battle plan";

"The climate emergency warrants a strong mandate on zero-emission vehicles from the federal government";

"What is COP26 and why does the fate of Earth, and Australia’s prosperity, depend on it?";

"Kicking the can on methane";

"The climate disaster is here";

"Greta Thunberg: I’m open to meeting Biden at Cop26 but don’t expect much";

"Queen ‘irritated’ by world leaders talking not doing on climate crisis";

"News Corp is going ‘only positive’ on climate but did Gina Rinehart miss the memo?";

"Day of the species" at the Stanthorpe Art Gallery:

"Morrison optimistic of Nats climate deal";

"Bird of The Year 2021";

"Experimental Institutionalism: Ecological";

"What is COP26 and why is it so important?";

"National Water Week";

"Morrison to attend UN climate conference in Glasgow";

"Dutton backs net-zero target, says Nationals need time ‘to air their issues’";

"The ‘net’ in net zero emissions offers a huge temptation to cheat";

"Community Microgrids and Sustainable Energy Program (CMSE)";

"Podcast Brunch Club Virtual Chapter Meeting: GEOENGINEERING THE CLIMATE";

"White House vows to treat climate change as "systemic" financial risk";

"‘Ghost forests’ are an eerie sign of sea-level rise";

"Both bad climate policy and no policy will see Australia lose jobs and investment overseas";

"So Morrison’s going to Glasgow. Should we laugh, weep or rage for the lost decade?";

"Yes, Australia can beat its 2030 emissions target. But the Morrison government barely lifted a finger";

"Morrison set for Glasgow but has to finish packing his bag";

"What is COP26 and why does the fate of Earth, and Australia’s prosperity, depend on it?";

"Widespread collapse of West Antarctica’s ice sheet is avoidable if we keep global warming below 2℃";

"We can’t stabilise the climate without carbon offsets – so how do we make them work?";

"Smoke's impact on Australians' health set to grow as climate change intensifies bushfires";

"A warning from the adults in the room: the financial impacts of climate change are coming, like it or not";

"Climate is finally the talk of Australia, but who is controlling the conversation?";

"Diplomats in last-ditch effort to bring world leaders to Cop26 table";

"Seven ways to save lives on the frontline of the climate crisis";

"Dan Ilic was just getting started with the Times Square billboard and says there’s more to come";

"The Ferguson Report: Shock at News Corp’s crazy claim global warming is a thing!";

"It’s easy to feel pessimistic about the climate. But we’ve got two big things on our side";

"Ahead of COP26, IEA report finds clean energy progress is still too slow to reach net-zero by 2050";

"September 2021: Earth’s 5th-warmest September on record";

"The climate disaster is here";

"Ed Miliband climate speech to Green Alliance event";

"Climate Vulnerables’ Manifesto for COP26";

"An Open Letter to Greta Thunberg";

"Morrison to give Nationals time to seal net-zero deal ahead of Glasgow";

"Now he’s been shamed into going, Morrison must take more than spin to Glasgow";

"The Most Important Global Meeting You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Is Now".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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