Oct. 28, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Greta Thunberg; Zali Steggall; Mik Aidt - climate champions

Quick Climate Links: Greta Thunberg; Zali Steggall; Mik Aidt - climate champions

Swedish teenager, Greta Thunberg (pictured) has been one of the most important personalities in the worldwide climate conversation and features here in a New York Times short film clip - "Greta Thunberg Has Given Up on Politicians".

Here in Australia, we have many climate champions, no more than the Independent Member for Warringah, Zali Steggall, who again took her Climate Change Bill to parliament calling for a debate on the topic - "Zali Steggall moves to bring the Climate Change Bills on for Debate".

Another of our climate champions is Geelong's Mik Aidt who is a key player in "The Sustainable Hour".

Other Quick Climate Links today are:

"“Clearly Unacceptable”: Environment Minister Sussan Ley bans renewable project, blesses three new coal mines";

"Sussan thinks Renewable Energy is “Clearly Unacceptable”";

"We Don’t Have Time partners with UNDP to urge world leaders to end fossil fuel-subsidies";

"Morrison rebuffs international climate critics";

"The Coalition’s net-zero policy is merely a plan to freeload off the rest of the world";

"Sound and fury as drivers use bagpipes and ink to take revenge on climate protesters";

"Meat and dairy giants feed climate crisis by dragging their heels on methane";

"As Australia continues to fail on climate, those on the frontline are running out of options, and time":

"Your cultural Cop26: films, TV shows and podcasts to help you save the planet";

"Climate activists ‘occupy’ Science Museum over fossil fuel sponsorship";

"Ecocide Laws Australia'";

"Scott Morrison refuses to release net-zero 2050 modelling amid condemnation of climate policy";

"The Climate Change Narrative Is the Most Dangerous Piece of Fiction Ever Created";

"Treasury and Health concede no climate modelling has been done internally on the Commonwealth's net-zero by 2050 pledges";

"If all 2030 climate targets are met, the planet will heat by 2.7℃. That’s not OK";

"Soils can't hold enough carbon to offset Australian emissions, experts say";

"Are all 'eco-friendly' products safe for the environment? These experts say beware of 'greenwashing'";

"Human, natural capital key to sustainable economic growth, World Bank says";

"More Countries Join Global Pledge to Cut Methane Emissions";

"Accountability is under threat. Parliament must urgently reset the balance";

"Australia’s net-zero plan fails to tackle our biggest contribution to climate change: fossil fuel exports";

"Scott Morrison’s deal with the Nationals must not ignore land stewardship – an attractive, low-hanging fruit";

"Alan Kohler: Morrison has made Australia a nation of technology freeloaders";

"Climate anxiety: ‘It’s reasonable to be feeling scared, anxious, even depressed’";

"COP26: What business needs to know";

"Release of EPA methane rules expected this week";

"Rising emissions drive greenhouse gas index increase";

"Why we need a new golden age of European rail";

"China will honour its climate pledges – look at the changes we have already made";

"Yes, There Has Been Progress on Climate. No, It’s Not Nearly Enough.";

"Latest National Climate Plans Still Fall Far Short, U.N. Report Warns";

"Water’s ‘blue thread’ needs to be weaved into climate COP negotiations";

"Joe Manchin pushes for climate cuts even as West Virginia battered by crisis";

"What the world can learn from Rachel Carson as we fight for our planet";

"Emissions Gap Report 2021"

"Businesses back emissions caps as IMF says the world needs a carbon price";

"Morrison to lodge bigger 2030 target in UN talks in Glasgow";

"Seniors want ‘green bonds’ so they can put money in emissions reduction";

"Federal Treasury has not modelled climate change risks in years";

"Coalition’s new climate policy offers only a thin veneer of credibility";

"PM’s net-zero plan driven by slogans and seats, not conversion or conviction";

"Vaile says energy crunch shows risk of shunning coal in net-zero push".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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