Nov. 22, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Green buildings crucial; 'This is existential'; protests allowed at COP27?; ocean talk neglected

Quick Climate Links: Green buildings crucial; 'This is existential'; protests allowed at COP27?; ocean talk neglected

Josh Kirkman (pictured) was among the speakers at a webinar organized by Parents for Climate Action, the Australian Conservation Foundation and Surfers for Climate.

Josh is the CEO of the surfing group. He is from Western Australia.

The circular economy is being explored from a different viewpoint in WA with the making of roads from recycled waste - "How to make roads with recycled waste, and pave the way to a circular economy".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Timber advocates use freedom of information to access emails from scientist and journalists";

"Scott Morrison’s ‘can-do capitalism’ is a hypocritical example of ‘do nothing’ leadership";

"After the royals went green in Glasgow, Matt Canavan is coming around to republicanism";

"Single-use plastic plates and cutlery could be banned in England";

"As a Black Environmentalist, I Wanted So Much More From COP26";

"Up to a fifth of world’s biggest trees destroyed in recent fires";

"Frustrated volunteer firefighters ditch RFS brigades for independent 'mozzie' teams";

"Women of the sea";

"A Power Struggle Over Cobalt Rattles the Clean Energy Revolution";

"These Americans Are Just Going Around in Circles. It Helps the Climate";

"‘Inconceivable’: Hunter coal plan may spell disaster for prime wine country";

"No turning back: AGL chief says clean energy is unstoppable";

"When EVs take over our roads and demand for petrol dries up, what will happen to service stations?";

"Climate denial is waning on the right. What’s replacing it might be just as scary";

"Leonardo DiCaprio tackles climate crisis in satire 'Don't Look Up' ";

"Global warming could cut over 60 countries' credit ratings by 2030, study warns";

"Invasive species are threatening Antarctica’s fragile ecosystems as human activity grows and the world warms";

"The ocean is essential to tackling climate change. So why has it been neglected in global climate talks?";

"British diplomat on climate: ‘This is existential’";

"Canada’s Tar Sands: Destruction So Vast and Deep It Challenges the Existence of Land and People";

"Why building greener is crucial to meeting Paris climate targets";

"Labor climate policy poised to respond to PM scare tactics";

"How regenerative farming is helping the Mornington Peninsula reach net-zero emissions";

"Cop27 is in Egypt next year … but will anyone be allowed to protest?".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".


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