Sept. 12, 2021

Quick climate links: 'Global warming isn't just a natural cycle'

Quick climate links: 'Global warming isn't just a natural cycle'

Georgia Tech climate scientist, Kim Cobb (image) tells the Yale Climate Connections podcast that "Global warming isn’t just a natural cycle";

Two stories from The Guardian:

"News Corp Australia won’t muzzle commentators as it ramps up climate coverage";

"‘We’re going after creatives that greenwash fossil fuels’: the group targeting ad agencies";

And from we read: "How climate change contributed to Madagascar's food crisis";

The New York Times reports: "This summer was hotter than the Dust Bowl summer, NOAA says";

From ABC News we read: "How a tree, a dog and a chimpanzee taught Jane Goodall to hold on to hope";

Two more stories from The New York Times:

"Booming Utah’s Weak Link: Surging Air Pollution";

"Hurricane Larry to Bring Heavy Snow to Greenland";

Shelly Fagan tells us: "How to Get 5 Billion People on Board to Fight Climate Change";

From Medium we can read: "Circular Economies & Regenerative Cultures";

Climate Conscious reports that: "Climate Doomism Is the New Climate Denial";

Writing on Climate Conscious, Sean Youra tells readers: "Why I Left My Engineering Job To Take On the Climate Crisis";

Again we hear on Climate Conscious that: "Walking and Biking are the Healthiest Solutions for You and the Planet";

Pippin Peters writes on Climate Conscious to give readers: "One Crazy Simple Tip To Start A Climate Revolution";

Finally, on Inside Climate News: "Warming Trends: Indoor Air Safer From Wildfire Smoke, a Fish Darts off the Endangered List and Dragonflies Showing the Heat in the UK".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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