Oct. 7, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Gina Rinehart - 'shockingly wrong on every issue'

Quick Climate Links: Gina Rinehart - 'shockingly wrong on every issue'

Gina Rinehart (pictured) has told students at her old school to avoid being influenced by climate change propaganda.

"Gina Rinehart warns of ‘propaganda’ in climate denial video to students";

"Gina Rinehart takes Canadian government to court in bid to keep coal dream alive";

"Australia must increase 2030 emissions target to help avoid ‘catastrophic’ heating, Samoan PM says";

"Here’s Why Bill Gates’ “Solutions” to Climate Change are Utterly Foolish";

"Population and climate change";

"Pacific leaders push for halving of emissions by 2030 to prevent climate change catastrophe";

"Fossil fuel industry gets subsidies of $11m a minute, IMF finds";

"AFR poll: majority want Scott Morrison to go to Glasgow climate talks";

"Can Australia’s path to net-zero really be fuelled by carbon capture and LNG?"

"Australia still a fossil in global electric car market";

"‘Eye-watering’: climate change disasters will cost Australia billions each year, study finds";

"In One Place, for One Fish, Climate Change May Be a Boon";

"We analysed 100 million bike trips to reveal where in the world cyclists are most likely to brave rain and cold";

"Just half of govt vehicles to decarbonise by 2025";

"Global impact of smoke aerosols from landscape fires on climate and the Hadley circulation";

"UN report warns of global water crisis amid climate change";

"Australians ready to embrace electric cars and want their pollies to back the switch: poll";

"Net-zero debate hits home: New study reveals net-zero emissions is a growing issue for Australians";

"Liberal MPs scorn Nationals’ $250bn plan for taxpayers to underwrite fossil fuels";

"5 reasons why the Morrison government needs a net-zero target, not just a flimsy plan";

"How fussy eating and changing environments led to the diversity of sharks today (and spelled the end for megalodon)";

"Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded for Study of Humanity’s Role in Changing Climate";

"Climate change killed 14% of the world’s coral reefs in a decade, study finds";

"Polar Bears Are Suffering from the Arctic’s Loss of Sea Ice. So Is Scientists’ Ability to Study Them";

"UN weather agency warns of water crisis without urgent reforms";

"Climate change protester disrupts Louis Vuitton show in Paris";

"How Methane Emissions Contribute to Climate Change";

"COP26 Resource Hub";

"What Vulnerable Countries Need from the COP26 Climate Summit";

"Will Progress at Climate Week Spur More Action?";

"Cities Are Surprising Leaders in Forest Conservation";

"NSW government faces crucial court challenge to Murray-Darling water plan";

"Third new coal project approved by Australian environment minister Sussan Ley in just one month";

"‘Greta is right’: climate pledges must be matched by action, say Mars executives";

"Biomass is promoted as a carbon-neutral fuel. But is burning wood a step in the wrong direction?";

"To truly reach net-zero emissions, we need to transform the business supply chain";

"How ‘nuisance’ flooding is hurting coastal economies";

"Flooding causes travel chaos in London as Tube and roads forced to close";

"Hyperdrive Daily: Growing Optimism On Electric Trucks";

"Does Tree Planting Stop Global Warming?";

"How Construction Practice Will Change for a Hotter Climate";

"The Solution to Halt Climate Change for 20 Years is Available";

"Level Down" - George Monbiot;

"Lagos advocates collaboration against climate change";

"PM Morrison cool on Glasgow but Rudd says he must go";

"Australia on the cusp of a zero-emissions iron ore deal with South Korea";

"Climate pressure mounts on Australia as world’s coral dies off";

"GM brings forward its target for 100% renewable energy";

"It’s not just you: Everyone is Googling ‘climate anxiety’";

"The Nobel Prize in physics honors work on climate change and complex systems";

"The National Sustainable Living Festival (NSLF)";

"Govt collaborates with stakeholders to promote clean, efficient cooking technologies – Minister";

"FRSC, Gombe partner on tree planting";

"Model 3 tops all new car sales in UK, beats Hilux in NZ. But in Australia ….";

"Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded to Scientists for Tool That Builds Better Catalysts";

"We need to get real about carbon offsets in Australia – they won’t stop climate change";

"Pandemic Complicates Preparations for COP26 Climate Summit";

"Pasta shortages at supermarkets because climate change killed wheat";

"Climate activists crossed the line with roadblocks, says minister";

"Cop26: fears smaller nations will be priced out of hosting pavilions";

"Hydrogen boiler revolution ‘pretty much impossible’, says minister";

"Greens Election Campaign Kick-Off";

"Kean to retain energy for time being, as solar farm critic elected Nationals boss";

"Angus Taylor’s ARENA regulations likely to be unlawful, silk warns";

"Young adults worldwide have blunt message for governments: ‘We don’t trust you.’ ";

"Mennonite leader helps other pastors speak up on climate change".

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