Oct. 21, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Former PM, Malcolm Turnbull warns of difficult times ahead

Quick Climate Links: Former PM, Malcolm Turnbull warns of difficult times ahead

Former Australian PM, Malcolm Turnbull (pictured) was among the first of an impressive array of speakers at the "Global Race to Zero" summit organized by the Smart Energy Council.

Other links for today are:

"Jacinda Ardern’s climate summit problem is the opposite of Scott Morrison’s";

"‘No second planet’: France urges Australia to greater climate action";

"Climate change needs to be tackled like COVID-19, says BlackRock boss";

"Kids’ quality of life will depend on today’s climate choices";

"Nonprofit Barrio Electrico works to expand solar energy in Puerto Rico";

"Australia is undermining the Paris Agreement, no matter what Morrison says – we need new laws to stop this";

"Microplastics are in the air we breathe and in Earth’s atmosphere, and they affect the climate";

"Alan Kohler: The alarming consequences of Canberra’s climate capers";

"‘It will be ugly’: Net-zero plan to be made public as Nationals level latest threat";

"More Than 30 Countries Join U.S. Pledge to Slash Methane Emissions";

"The burning questions about gas";

"Think big on climate: the transformation of society in months has been done before";

"The government’s net-zero plan is impressive, but it is high risk";

"The Guardian view on the net-zero strategy: not tough enough";

"Too hot to handle: can our bodies withstand global heating?";

"How the U.S. Made Progress on Climate Change Without Ever Passing a Bill";

"Planned fossil fuel output ‘vastly exceeds’ climate limits, says UN";

"From Paris to Glasgow: A World on the Move";

"Meet the Champions";

"Smart Energy Council";

"Real Climate - climate science from climate scientists......."

" Climate Change Victoria’s path to a net-zero emissions and climate-resilient future ";

"MJA– Lancet Countdown on health and climate change";

"Tracking the connections between public health and climate change";

"Bridget McKenzie warns ‘it will be ugly’ if Morrison commits to net zero target without Nationals support";

"Rural Australians are living climate change in real-time – and unlike politicians who scapegoat us, we’re taking action";

"‘Climate change is hitting us’: French beekeepers expect worst honey harvest in half a century";

"A joke if it wasn’t so serious’: Australia lags developed countries on climate action";

"Fossil fuel production to soar in face of emissions pledges, United Nations report says";

"Empire Energy wins full approval for more fracking in Beetaloo Basin as climate advocates slam NT government";

"‘Protectionist forces’: Dan Tehan warns Australian farmers face carbon border taxes".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

The CEO of the Smart Energy Council, John Grimes was interviewed by Climate Conversation in 2020 - "John Grimes talks about the Smart Energy Council and its 59th annual 'Smart Energy Conference'".

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