Feb. 12, 2022

Quick Climate Links: 'Electrify everything' - Dr Saul Griffith

Quick Climate Links: 'Electrify everything' - Dr Saul Griffith

Dr Saul Griffith (pictured) the author of "The Big Switch: Australia's Electric Future" will speak in Melbourne on Sunday, February 20, at an event that is a part of the "Sustainable Living Festival". He was a guest a few days ago on ABC's "Life Matters".

Beyond the fact that he is influential, noisy and a "hawk", Australia's Defence Minister, Peter Dutton, has little direct influence on Australia's climate mitigation moves.

However, he does oversee a force that, through its activities, is a major player with regard to Australia's carbon dioxide emissions - the U.S. military is the world's largest single user of fossil fuels and while the Australian military is, by comparison, insignificant, it would be, in parochial terms, a major user.

Australian born climate activist, Clover Moore, is featured in Glamour magazine in a story headed: "Gen Z activist Clover Hogan on how we can transform our eco-anxiety into *actually* saving the planet".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"A rainforest cries: music, art, books and more to help you deal with climate anxiety";

"Cate Blanchett is launching a climate crisis podcast to address";

"Is the Fear of Climate Change Keeping You Up at Night? How to Cope With Eco-Anxiety";

"Highest glacier on Mount Everest loses 2,000 years of ice in three decades";

"Urgent plan to decarbonise farming needed to hit net zero, UK government told";

"Climate Expert Debunks Big Oil's Lies About Carbon Capture, Nature-Based Solutions";

"Volunteers translate climate research into more than 100 languages";

"A tale of two steel mills, and yet they’re the same one";

"Koalas officially an endangered species in NSW, Queensland";

"Why the shutdown of AGL’s coal-fired plants will probably happen even sooner than power giant says";

"Renewable energy overtakes gas as biggest SWIS power supplier";

"How Australians can cut emissions – and save $5000 a year";

"Macron hails 'French nuclear renaissance'";

"National parks are not enough – we need landholders to protect threatened species on their property";

"New Zealand is reviewing its outdated conservation laws. Here’s why we must find better ways of getting people on board";

"Explainer: How a German 'climate' fund set out to help Russia dodge U.S. sanctions";

"Great Barrier Reef: cooler weather reduces threat of mass bleaching outbreak this summer";

"Heat waves hit the poor hardest – a new study calculates the rising impact on those least able to adapt to the warming climate";

"Big Green Brands Have a Dirty Supplier Problem, CDP Says";

"Ikea’s Race for the Last of Europe’s Old-Growth Forest";

"Climate change solution could come from 'electrifying everything', Australian inventor Saul Griffith says";

"Work starts on environmentally ‘catastrophic’ Triangle Tower in Paris";

"‘What the hell were you thinking?’: fighting flares in Narrabri over inland rail";

"Little penguins on WA island will be pushed to ‘breaking point’ by construction of new centre, expert says";

"Koalas in NSW, Qld and ACT to be listed as endangered";

"In Venezuela, damage from party on sacred mountain spurs outrage";

"The big plans cooking for clean energy storage";

"The Biden administration outlines a plan to build a network of electric vehicle chargers.";

"South Africa in Talks With Investors on Green Hydrogen Projects";

"France’s Macron calls for a nuclear power ‘renaissance’, building at least 6 reactors";

"Claims of Kurri plant gains an 'insult' to Hunter";

"Permian Oil Output to Grow for Several Years, Plains All American CEO Says";

"On Peru's protected Fishermen's Island, birds are still dying a month after oil spill";

"Climate change bills in Northern Ireland edge closer to completion";

"Saudi Arabia's Economic Growth Stays Near Decade-High as Oil Powers Rebound";

"At the prospect of ending a decade of climate bollocks, the PM donned a dusty Abbott onesie and zipped up";

"Simon Holmes à Court addresses the National Press Club of Australia on "Independents and Climate - the hope to end the lost decade";

"Ghost village emerges in Spain as drought empties reservoir";

"Perth festival production of climate change work criticised for ‘farcical’ fossil fuel sponsorship";

"Why women are key to solving the climate crisis";

"Solving The Climate Crisis: Why We Need Women In Energy";

"Veteran power worker explains why an early end to coal-fired electricity is inevitable";

"The case for a UK windfall tax on oil and gas giants is unanswerable";

"An antidote to climate despair: ‘How to Save Our Planet: The Facts’";

"‘Misleading’ Polish billboards blame EU climate policy for electricity costs";

"BMW Group significantly increases use of low-carbon steel in series production at European plants";

"Hurricanes can cause ocean acidity to spike near the seafloor";

"Video: Denver area’s December flames are gone, the impacts endure";

"A state on fire";

"The Winter Olympics are taking place in the era of climate collapse – it’s hard to watch".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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