Nov. 11, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Electric vehicles; uninhabitable in 50 years; capitalism trumps policy; blind spot; conflict and fragility

Quick Climate Links: Electric vehicles; uninhabitable in 50 years; capitalism trumps policy;  blind spot; conflict and fragility

Australian PM, Scott Morrison (pictured) Is urging us to take more of the medicine that made the world ill in the first place, "Can do capitalism", and again pointing his finger, has declared that what Australians don't need, or want more of, is people such as himself telling them what to do - he wants the government off our backs.

And while the Australian Government is effectively doing nothing about trying to head off climate change, some such as PNG's Climate Change Minister, Wera Mori, is pleading for Australia to act more like a genuine global citizen and do more to lower its emissions.

We are also getting the same message from Tuvalu via an address given to the Glasgow COP26 by a speaker up to his knees in the ocean, a rising ocean.

More Quick Climate Links for today are:

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"Scott Morrison could restore Australia’s climate reputation as a lifter rather than a leaner with five steps";

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"Looting By Other Means";

"‘Can-do capitalism’: Morrison’s fresh pitch on emissions";

"Climate summit wants nations to return next year with tougher 2030 targets";

"Morrison backs climate capitalism as Albanese warns voters over ‘nonsense’ on mandates";

"Travelling to Europe could ‘cost $800 more’ to meet net-zero targets";

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"Lotus Type 132 electric SUV teased";

"Rivian going public tonight, could be valued above BMW, Hyundai, Kia, and Ferrari";

"Investors pushed mining giants to quit coal. Now it’s backfiring";

"Electric vehicles can’t fix the problem of cars";

"US won’t sign up to British push to ban new petrol cars by 2035";

"What Happened at COP26 on Wednesday: China and U.S. Say They’ll ‘Enhance’ Climate Ambition";

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"Australia among nations trying to soften COP26 declaration";

"‘Existential crisis’: United States and China stun COP26 with joint climate change pact";

"How ambition for a small country’s survival helped reshape the COP agenda";

"Macron boosts nuclear power plans to meet France’s net-zero ambitions";

"Beach Energy faces heat over shock CEO exit, fossil fuels’ future";

"Net-zero vow fails to ‘shift the dial’ as renewables investment stalls".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".


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