Nov. 18, 2021

Quick Climate Links: 'Devastatingly accurate'; powerful leaders; risky government plan could drive up emissions

Quick Climate Links: 'Devastatingly accurate'; powerful leaders; risky government plan could drive up emissions

New York Times reporter, Somini Sengupta (pictured), represented The Times at the recent COP26 in Glasgow.

Her recent report - "Climate Promises Made in Glasgow Now Rest With a Handful of Powerful Leaders" - is interesting reading.

Breakthrough through its "Climate Reality Check" has produced a report that the former chief scientist of the Australian Institute of Marine Science, Professor Charlie Veron, is "devastatingly accurate".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"London's One Millennium Bridge set for low carbon revamp";

"No Public Money for Gas";

"Forgive Humans, Not Oil Companies";

"Climate change. We get it ... it’s a mess you don’t want to think about.";

"Terry Glavin: The scale of the disaster unfolding in B.C. is unprecedented";

"Thermal mix: a modest Canberra renovation holds and traps the sun";

"Coastal defences need $30bn boost to prevent Australian homes becoming uninhabitable";

"Climate Hopes and Reflections – An evening with your State MPs";

"Scott Morrison’s ‘can-do capitalism’ is a hypocritical example of ‘do nothing’ leadership";

"Neoliberalism wrecked our chance to fix the climate crisis – and leftwing statements of faith have changed nothing";

"Glasgow kissoff: our man in a car is driven to tears";

"Wood for the Trees: rush to green hydrogen masks mammoth plans to wood-chip the forests";

"Michael McCormack contradicts Barnaby Joyce on Nationals signing Cop26 pact";

"Dark roofs to be banned in NSW, planning minister says";

"Cool Roofs: What They Are, How They Conserve Energy, How Much They Cost, and More";

"Green hydrogen beats blue on emissions and financial cost, Australian study finds";

"First Nations clean energy network set up to deliver cheap and reliable power to Indigenous communities";

"New Delhi suspends coal-fired plants and closes schools indefinitely amid ongoing air pollution";

"The Celebrity-Backed Green “Fintech” Company That Isn’t as Green as It Seems";

"‘It’s horrendous’: flooding causes significant crop damage to farms around Forbes";

"Pacific north-west storm wreaks havoc, with one dead and Vancouver cut off";

"How to convince your apartment strata to go solar";

"Queensland study solves coral species puzzle";

"Government's hydrogen plan is 'risky' and could drive up emissions: Report";

"Australia needs more than climate bankers";

"Coal: why China and India aren’t the climate villains of COP26";

"China's millennial 'new farmers' opt to live off the land";

"TechScape: will posting your pet pics online really save the planet?";

"Does Angus Taylor’s projection of a 35% 2030 emissions cut really ‘support the Paris agreement’?";

"Why the West should develop a clean energy strategy to meet the needs of the Indo-Pacific region";

"We’ve smelted a billion tonnes of recyclable aluminium. Do we need to make more?";

"Stemming methane leaks from oil fields, pipelines and landfills could help us slow global warming quickly";

"A Times Investigation Into Amazon Deforestation";

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".



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